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8 September 2013

This is a Christmas free blogpost....

... well almost.... its a 'round-up' post so there may be a slight/ brief mention...

Last weekend I demo'd and taught a class at Colemans Craft Warehouse in Northampton.. a shop packed full of all kinds of crafting loviness. On Saturday I demo'd using JOFY16 - the Beach Hut plate (or affectionately known as 'sheds...' lol)
I created a small wooden box frame (what's not to love about those!) - great opportunity to use the Fresco Finish Crackle Glaze! (again what's to love about that product).
 ...the starfish is a small die cut embellishment.... painted in Haystack Fresco Finish...

The Warehouse stock small wooden panels.. a really nice smooth surface to paint onto:
 The little row of beach huts is one of my favourite images on the plate - such dinky, detailed little images..

I have another sample from the day - a shabby chic canvas that I need to add some detail/embellishments to before I can show you - its more shabby chic than seaside nautical like the projects above... quite a lot of paper piecing involved.... I'll blog it and then send that and the panel above to Colemans to put on display with the stamps.

Sunday was a day of classes.. spring summer in the morning....

... and {brace yourselves} Christmas in the afternoon..
I'm sorry to use the C word but people are actually starting to make the Christmas cards already - don't moan at me - I'm just responding to the requests! :o)

Then there was a brief visit to hospital, resulting in several days of rest....

... and then yesterday I taught a class at The Artistic Stamper.  A lovely group of ladies came and stamped, painted and inked their way through the day to create these:
Love how they are all so different!..

... and today I am mainly resting, getting ready for the next week - Christmas doesn't make itself you know - ooop sorry - there's that word again! lol
Is now a bad time to tell you that I bought 3 decorations on Thursday... for purely crafting purposes!  lol



  1. This did make me smile! I think you must be one of those people who'd like Christmas all year round... but then, your Christmas stamps and make from them, are so gorgeous.... Love the beach hut/sheds demos too. Hope you're recovering from the hospital.

  2. It was our pleasure to have you come and teach...loved what everyone made :)

  3. Such lovely projects all round - and the Christmas stamps and projects on the PA blog this week were so beautiful I even forgave Leandra for early Christmas crafting!
    Alison x


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