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16 June 2014


 .... glorious luscious pompoms of colour!! I really enjoy having them in the garden and watching them bloom... I thought I'd share some floral inspiration/eye-candy with you- colour (hot pink & orange!!) and form...

love how the colour is different on the underside of the petals:
(hahaha do you like how my nail varnish unintentionally matches the flowers!)

and even when the flowers have turned and are dying off they are still striking and interesting:
 lovely crinkled petals drying out in the sun..




  1. Can't beat the true colours of nature. How inspiring. Love the crinkly ones too. Never grown dahlias but do admire them. Xx

  2. My first thought was that you'd rushed indoors to paint your nails to match... Love the colour of that bloom, it's fabulous.

  3. Love those two colours together- even match nail varnish how clever are you!!!!

  4. When i was very young my Dad used to grow Dahlias but the pom pom variety, i used to get all freaked out when the earwigs would appear, shuddering at the thought lol.

    Gorgeous colours Jo whatever stage they are at, fab inspiration :-) x

  5. Beautiful, love those colours and the unruly curves of the petals!.....same colours as something I've just made.

  6. They are astounding - the underside of the petals too - wow. And yes even in decay (have always loved roses and tulips on the turn...). Beautiful photos, thanks for sharing them.
    Alison x


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