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21 June 2014

Its beginning to look a lot like Chriiiiisstmaaaas..

... hahaha only joking!
We haven't had summer yet here in the UK - well, there were those few days early in June but I'm very much hoping that wasn't our entire summer!

I'm only talking about christmas because I wanted to share a quick tutorial with you prompted by a few questions I've had about the 'swirly' christmas tree on JOFY20

The question being 'how do you achieve a patterned tree?'... such as the ones on the card below...

Its quite a quick and easy effect to achieve and here's how...

Stamp the christmas tree image onto a card blank.

On the back of my stamp I have marked, in biro pen, where the bottom of the tree is so that when I stamp the image onto patterned paper I can position it so only the tree is stamped out.

Saves on paper, and cutting out! (The sharp-eyed among you will have noticed that the star has been cut away from the main stamp - using 2 cuts so that it could be easily repositioned back together.)

Stamp a tree onto patterned paper and a star onto book text (its much easier when the stamp is in two parts)

Cut out the tree - just the tree - not those tricky swirls... :o)

Cut out the star and a pot stamped onto kraft card

Stick them on the tree stamped on the card blank using a glue stick; match up the images' lines:

Added a touch of shading with a felt tip pen.. I also shaded a base line under the pot - I think this 'grounds' the image otherwise it looks to be 'floating'

Stamp a sentiment (also on JOFY20) and there you have it... a patterned tree!

This tree/card design is great for using up scraps of papers & great for fans of clean&simple card designs too.

I hope you've enjoyed this mini tutorial.... & can I be the first to wish you all a very merry christmas!

ho ho ho



  1. I'll forgive you for mentioning Christmas before I've had my birthday only because it's a great way to have a patterned tree!

  2. Yes thank you enjoyed immensley!

    May i return your christmas felicitations with a smile, and thank you :-) xxx

  3. I'm not sure christmas in June is something to joke about!! Bwahahahahahahahaha. Great CAS card. Must try stamping on patterned paper more often. A blessing for us what can't colour. Happy happy and hugs to you

  4. I remember doing these at your class at BiB last year! I have just been thinking about Christmas cards because it's our church fete next weekend and it reminded me that they like cards for their Christmas craft fair! Best get sticking soon!

  5. Wash your mouth out JOFY!!! Cool card but that does NOT forgive Xmas in June LOL!!!!!!

  6. A great technique that can be used for all kinds of stamps - see I'm thinking outside the box because Christmas is furthest from my mind right now!! LOL


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