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11 June 2014

This little lady....

... has been waiting patiently in my garden to have her photo taken.... 

..well in truth she's been sat on my studio desk while I decide whether or not to turn her into a bigger project - I've decided against taking it further and so here she is - in the garden of the www for a breath of fresh air.

She's a Prima Girl, on a Prima Tag - flowers are all JOFY images - the real flowers are a Clematis - I love the detail of the flowers on this variety...

She was posing on the gates that I bought last year - LOVE how big, distressed, rusty and OLD they are (approx 5feet in height). We've moved them from the back fence to a side fence so they get more sun:

The clematis is settling in nicely and growing around the gates' detail - makes me very happy - just what I wanted it to do:
(& look at that fantastic cracked paint!!!)

I'm quite new to this gardening malarky - and as well as a few fails there have been some successes, such as the digitalis that has basically sewn and grown itself - my kind of plant lol.... I like these a lot - so pretty - especially the inside of the flower

This morning the popped head burst - revealing this gorgeous flower:

all those 'frilly' pieces are so delicate they move move in the wind..
Love the aubergine markings on the underside of the poppy, solid on the inside.... but sadly it has started to fade already.. makes me a little sad...

and finally, in stark contrast to the delicate poppy, here is the most vicious plant in the garden - a white eurygnium - look but don't touch - they're really sharp!! lol

Mother Nature really is a clever chick isn't she!

We now have 2 more gates in the garden! (couldn't resist!) both with clematis growing up them - this one is called Ooh la la:

.. and this one is Josephine - can't wait for this one to flower - its going to have lovely flowers on it - similar to Ooh la la but with mini 'pompoms' in the centre...

I like gardening but not sure I'm patient enough- the plants are NOT growing fast enough - I'm so impatient to see the flowers and their colour!!... lol... but all the plants are quite new so hopefully next year the garden will be bursting with colour - slugs allowing!




  1. Oh Jo what a pretty Tag. I really love your gates, I remember you talking about them last year. They look fab as does the plants. Love your fox gloves a real favourite of mine. I love the cottage garden look, nothing better at the end of a busy day having a potter. Xx

  2. the flowers look fabulous growing through the gates - clever girl!! Love the tag too.

  3. Love the tag Jo, looks so at home in the garden setting. Gates are great supports for plants and give extra interest. Clematis like shade for their roots and lower stem. When I went to Haddon Hall a few years ago, they had a terracotta drainpipe at the base of the clematis to shade the roots.. Just a bit of gardening info! Fabulous post. Xx

  4. Beautiful post Jo, georgeous flowers from your garden. The gates are looking wonderful now with the clematis starting to cover them. Is that a Julie Nutteg doll, she is so pretty:-) x

    1. Yes she is one of Julie's dolls - love her flirtyness! xx

  5. Lovely tag and I love your gate with the clematis growing through it. I have the same poppy in my garden it's gorgeous. Thanks for sharing. Tracy x

  6. Love your garden photos! The gates look great! Looking forward to seeing your next stamps inspired by those poppies & sea holly! Ali

  7. Anonymous10:15 pm

    Your tag is gorgeous & your flowers & plants are even more gorgeous. I love the clematis on the gate & I'm jealous of the eryngium, they have failed to grow in my garden.

  8. great use of old gates Jo, very clever in fact, can see your creativity is going to transform into your garden too x

  9. Hi Jo, you spoke about your beautiful gates at The Craft Barn last week, they certainly do look good and the clematis are growing nicely over them.
    I love the white eurygnium and poppies - I wonder what flowers in your garden will inspire stamps to come? LOL


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