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17 June 2014


... sample board on its way to The Craft Barn to sit on the racks with the JOFY stencil, paints and stamps, but I thought I'd upload it on here too as a reference/helpsheet for the lovely people out there who've bought the stencil - and hopefully it will inspire you to have a play...

I've used the same colour on each flower combination so it is easy to see the different layers:

The flowers are laid out on the board as they are on the stencil.

Here are some more sample tags I made while at the Craft Barn a couple of weeks ago - these flowers have been detailed with doodling and stamping... (& I've just realised that some of those flowers 'need' a button or two....)

L to R:  
NB - the complete flower on each tag is the one stenciled first, masked off and additional flowers added.
All colours/paints are Fresco Finish.
Layers listed in order of working...
Left hand tag:
bottom flower (1st to be stenciled): chalk base with flower 4, Amethyst & Dolly Mix blend with flower 3, stamped detail (black ink) (JOFY24)
top flower (highest on tag): chalk base with flower 4, haystack & amethyst blend with flower 2, doodled lines.
Middle tag:
bottom flower: chalk base with flower 4, amethyst shading with flower 3, stamped detail (black ink) (JOFY24)
middle flower: dolly mix & amethyst mix with flower 2, stamped in chalk using EEV06, doodled in black ink.
top flower (highest): amethyst with flower 3, doodling in white gel pen and black pen
background: freehand doodling

Right hand tag:

bottom flower (1st to be stenciled): chalk base with flower 4, Dolly Mix blend with flower 1, stamped detail (black ink) (JOFY24), haystack centre
top flower (highest on tag): dusty teal with flower 2, mix of chalk & dusty teal with flower 1, doodling/detail with white gel pen & black pen

These are simple flowers, and hopefully it will help you to realise the possibilities of the stencil - & don't forget its not just for paper & card - its a lovely stencil for working on fabric too....



  1. Hi Jo lovely and really helpful bought the stencil recently at crafting time.

  2. Very inspiring ! Mine don't look like yours tho !

  3. they look fab - and I love the doodled flowers!

  4. Thanks Jo got the stencil now and starting to play. X

  5. Thank you very much for all the stencil information, very generous of you to share.

    Beautiful colours & shading, some day my attempts will resemble your chart lol :-) x

  6. Love, love, love those doodled flowers xx


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