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18 August 2009

Southend's Bunting World Record Challenge

'Southend-on-Sea attempts the Guinness World Record for the Longest line of Bunting'

Its going to be the length of the pier - 2158m - and will take..... wait for it.... drum roll please....
8991 flags!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Phew thats a lot of flags! lol

And here are the 5 I'm putting in! :o)

were you expecting me to make more??! I had to reign myself in with 5! (and they each represent something to me) Which makes me think: could make a line of bunting that was like a scrapbook of a year in a life or something ...hhhmmmm .....

I really enjoyed making these - really simple, quick and happy - bunting makes me smile! Why is that? aaaanyhooo.

The line of bunting will be hung around Chalkwell Park as part of the Village Green arts festival on 26 September.

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