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5 May 2010

1st time for everything...

.. and for me this 1st time is showing my desk(s) on WOYWW (whats on your workdesk? wednesday)..

Neither of my home work desks is particularly tidy today (laugh, are they ever?...oh yes there was the day they were set up - they were clear then!) but here they are today in their creative mess glory....

This is the main desk, facing the window...
Things I like about the desk are the undershelf wire rack (on right) - its great for stashing colouring equipment - pencils, felt pens, promarkers etc.. it has adjustable height options (got to love Ikea), the tressle legs have shelves and there's still enough space underneath for my legs and a wire trolley for some of my punches.
On the desk:
My trusty Cuttlebug (shush! don't tell the Bug but I'm going over the dark side and buying a BigShot! I'll keep the Bug (LOVE my bug) but I'm having a Big Shot too - all in the name of research and business etc.. ahem.
Massive plastic pink spotted teacup bought recently in Matalan - it made me laugh - its meant for plants  but its a perfect size for keeping bits of Cut&Dry
PaperArtsy HotPick stamps (of course - always seem to have PA stamps on the desk somewhere)
Drawer of Stickles waiting to be put away - there's a lot of stuff on the desk waiting to be put away lol
Jar of buttons - love buttons!
Nestabilities dies
Old linen top being cut up to make suffolk puffs (or yoyo's - whatever name you prefer)
Equipment wrap - A wrap I made to keep all my tools in - a couple of people have commented on how much they liked it and so I'm going to start making and selling them.
rotating tool caddy in the top right hand corner (by Pampered Chef) ...rofl ... cooking is not high on my list of things to do but I went along to a party to support a friend who is a PC consultant and I couldn't resist the rotating tool storage thingymajig. Perfect for storing rulers, scissors, crop-a-diles, paint brushes etc etc etc.

Here's the other desk.. this is the 'clean' desk that I use more for sewing. I've got a mini table top ironing board (thank you again Ikea) and the buttons storage (some of) is on here too.  Another linen top being cut up, cottons, paints (unopened - waiting to be put away) and a rack at the back with loads of recently made cards...
Organised chaos! but in a good way  :o)   Hopefully next wednesday the desks will have changed - and I won't give you such a full tour next time! lol  I don't think the desks will be any clearer though - I'm a bit of a hoarder - I like to save things 'just in case'!  lol
See you next Wednesday - I'm off to look at other peoples creative spaces.


  1. Wouaw ! I love it ! See you next week ;-D

  2. I love your space!! I am very jealous of your desks... drop by and you'll see how some of us have to manage!! Good to have you along.

  3. Did you read the small print ... Did you? Huh? Did you? Once you have WOYWWed once you have to join in every week for like forever ... so same time same place next week.
    I had you down as a spotlessly tidy crafter too ... How wrong I was :0)

  4. Linda - really!! Tidy? Me? roflmao - oh no no no - the artwork is tweeked to the nnnth degree but the workspace not so much! lol

  5. Welcome to WOYWW. Loved having a snoop round your space.
    A x

  6. its addictive this looking at other people stuff you'll be back for more I'm sure

  7. Welcome! This becomes addicting! Lots of fun stuff to peek at!

  8. Some serious crafting going on here! Thanks for the tour! Loved it!

  9. welcome to woyww!!! i love your crafty area - so fantastic!!!

  10. omg such a treat, amazing desk, love that its messy! I am eyeing up a polka dot teapot in the background too!

    thanks so much for sharing, hope you have a wonderful crafty week, hugs mandyxx

  11. fantastic working area!

  12. Fab desks, love being nosy.. mine looks the same every week, with nothing much moved! lol

  13. welcome to the fun, lots of goodies to look at on ya desk, great piccies, sue,x

  14. Fabulously fabby crafty space all shinny and new looking! Rather like the spotty cup

  15. Welcome to WOYWW! How lovely to see around your space - like Linda, your work gives me the impression of real tidiness, so this is a reassuring moment for us mortals! Do you stand mostly? I like the under dask caddy...it must help you to keep things tidy. *cough* !! Come back next week!

  16. Good luck with the wraps. What are you going to adorn with the Suffolk puffs?
    Anne x

  17. Great crafty space. S x

  18. When I seen your name on the list i too was expecting neat tidy and organised.....Oh well!!
    Love your work and after visiting your blog for the first time last week ended up going straight to Banana Frog and placing an order!!!

    see you next week!!

  19. Sorry I am so late getting to you but I tend to read and comment on all and it takes me forever ...ie three days!! Love your space and the wrap ... its got creativity oozing out of every crevise

  20. Oooo loving your workdesk! so much yummy stuff to nose at, I really want a cuttlebug. Jay xx

  21. hey, no need to apologize and show your clean desk...we are all busy stampers LOL!


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