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Today I've been doing a bit of this'n'that - finishing up some projects that I've been asked to do which means that... wait for it.... yes I actually tidy up!!!!!!!!  Sometimes the desk get a bit too cluttered and I can't think straight/ clearly and so I have to tidy up before I can carry on.. and the project/ work I have lined up for tomorrow takes quite a bit of desk space so another reason for a bit of a tidy up - I'd also hate to have you thinking I'm a complete slob in the studio! lol 'cos I'm not - untidy yes but also quite organised...
So here's the pictures - before the clean up with work in progress still in situ
so all is pretty much as untidy creative as last week, the mug on the desk actually holds coffee! no tools, and in the top right is an addition to the desk: a small portable dvd player that I sometimes have playing instead of the radio - nothing like a good mgm musical to occupy part of the brain while working! Today it was Calamity Jane and 7brides for & brothers... love them!
and this is how it looks now after the clean up- ready for tomorrow..
and one final photo showing the other desk - not so much for the desk but to show the little terror sitting on it looking like butter wouldn't melt, but who generally arrives on the desks all of a rush and univited, walks around hunting for cotton buds and/ or blue tac! (or cut'n'dry) I have no idea what the appeal of blue tac is but he loves it! His name's Bertie - as in Bertie Bassett, cos he's black like licorice. 
Hope you've enjoyed another poke around my space, and meeting one of my cats... I'm off to to peek at what your spaces are looking like today.. take care.


  1. awww...love your kitty!

  2. love both the messy & clean desk. You clean up well!

  3. Fab space...please can I come and play :)

  4. I love to see desks looking like this! Just wish I had one to work on.

  5. Fascinating. Did I mention how much light your room seems to have. I'm sorta the same - if I have projects to work on that have specific product boundaries, I put everything else away, ot it clogs my brain thinking what I should and shouldn't be using!

  6. lovely crafty space with soooo much lovely light, love the kitty and also have a soft spot for your little pink trays


  7. I love your craft room, it looks so light and airy. I love the stamps you have been using there too, very pretty! Have a great week! Tracey x

  8. Well done you with the tidying. I love how your cat sits on your desk to keep you company.
    A x

  9. Love that big tag with the heart - fab. Love the cat too
    Anne x

  10. Hi
    oh lovely desk piccies,lots lovely images on there, lovely pussy cat,sue

  11. Lovely projects on the desk this week.
    My first ever Banana Frog stamps arrived and I love them....Thanks for the inspiration!


  12. I spy some of these gorgeous Paper Artsy stamps. Bertie is gorgeous.

    Marilyn x

  13. Great looking crafty area! Love your kitty - could be brother to my Jess! Have a good week. S x

  14. You have a lovely space to craft in and some really nice stamps... also a cute kitty - I have a black cat called Tiggy who has a really saggy belly... all the better for tickling!!!

    Thanks for sharing your space

    Paula x x x

  15. love seeing all your projects ;-) I thought your kitten looked like a cut out in the small pic.... :-) he's adoreable...


  16. You have such a lovely workspace. Light and airy! Lovely cat you have!


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