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6 May 2010

this 'n' that...

... yesterday I posted pics of my worktops as part of WOYWW and because my desk is 'quite' messy you couldn't really see the wood for the trees on there! and so I thought I'd post a piccy of my desk when it was slightly tidier (it does happen) and what my pens and tools are kept in (amongst all that mess...  lol)(you see there is a little bit of order on the desk) .. I have a bit of a fondness for mugs - (my girl guide mug is in the attic somewhere - probably with M's Blue Peter badge - oh yes, my DH is the proud owner of a Blue Peter badge!!)(not top of the list why I married him obviously! lol)(but if there had been a list it would have been on the side of 'reasons to' rather than the 'reasons not to' lol) aaaaanyhoo .. back to the mugs:  .. I like ones that are pretty/ coordinating/ inspiring and hence they've crept onto the desk - they have dual purpose - inspiring (see here) and useful!- the handles make them easy to pick up to rummage through..  :o)
The big pink mug in the centre got quite a few comment yesterday - here its storing glue dots, but lately its been looking after the cut'n'dry.  The mug (well, milk jug actually) on the right - the one with the lovely little retro print.... its been made into a pin cushion by a colleague at work - how freakin' cool is that!! LOVE IT!!! 
and finally will you please note the lovely clean clear space in front of the mugs - note it 'cos it doesn't get seen very often! lol

..after I'd been in the hairdressers this morning I popped into the charity shop next door (love a bit of a charity shop rummage!) and picked up these:

The wooden shape/window toy thingy is shaped like a house and will look great altered don't you think? Such a great shape and I could use the blocks as feet.. or ...something... haven't got that far yet.
The glass dish will be for holding buttons, suffolk puffs or crochet flowers in at sales - both bought for under £3.00  - not bad eh!

The next 3 days will be a bit quiet on this blog as I'm off to ArtsyCrafts this weekend - if you're going too I look forward to seeing you there - and if you're not you should definitely come next time they are reeeeeaaaaally good weekends packed full of creativity and fun! what more could you ask for!


  1. So wish I could be there - I know it will be fab, from everything I've seen and heard about them.
    Don't suppose you'll get time, but you could sneak tweet pics, I won't tell anyone!!

  2. thank you so much for the close up of the pink cup! love it! and all your other mugs and jugs.....liking the pic of the white space too! teeheeee

    great finds in the charity shop, I found two of those glass bowls and 3 small ones in our local one a few months back, great for storing buttons!

    have a fab weekend, hugs mandyxx

  3. Love your charity shop stuff and your little critters are fab!

  4. love the bright cups! Great work space :)


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