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Has anyone else seen Eliot Kid??

He's a cartoon kid with (I quote) 'a wild imagination' ...
I don't have kiddies and so there is no good reason why I should be watching cartoons in the morning but I may have to make an exception for 'Eliot Kid' - but purely for design research purposes obviously...
The cartoon has a great retro feel to it (and I do love retro) - the colours used for the background are all on a very 50/60s palette but what I really like are the trees!!(I'm so easily pleased aren't I! lol)
Sorry about the dodgy photo quality - taking photos of the tv again! - but come on you have to admit those are great trees aren't they?!


  1. Saw you Tweeting about this at the w/end!!

  2. Helen - now you can see what a cool cartoon it is!


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