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13 May 2010

cool photos!

I've recently-ish been converted to the iphone... I said I wouldn't get sucked in to the whole 'oooh I've got an Iphone and it does EVERYTHING and its the best thing since sliced bread'  but now I have and I'm now not sure if I could live without it! lol (I could live without it, don't worry - but it would be hard!) .. aaaanyhoo I was reading Shimelle's site yesterday and she mentioned an ap she had for taking photos so they look like prints from the 60s/70s - Hipstamatic - so off I trotted to take a look................ and a purchase followed. laugh.... Here's a couple of piccies I took, and O.M.G how cool are the effects- LOVE THEM!!
In the name of science lets do a compare and contrast shall we:  picture above left is taken on the Iphone as normal, the one on right is taken with the Hipstamatic ap - all aged and discoloured (sun bleached look?) - love it much!  There's another 'lense' to buy which gives the photo a pearly/sparkly effect.... I think I may be trotting off to buy that soon!... .. just as soon as I've finished playing 'angry birds'.. on my iphone of course... lol

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  1. Great app - not that I've got an iphone... but great effect!! Love the finished card below too, that you tweeted!!


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