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15 March 2011

Oh be still my 50s design loving heart!!....

Sanderson's have a FAB.U.LOUS 50s designs range!! I've resisted looking because I wasn't thinking about decorating, but now I'm starting to and some/one of these designs will be cropping up somewhere in our home - even if its just as cushions (the Festival print (below) would great on our black leather sofa!)....
here's some eye candy for you so that you know what I'm getting excited about:
I wish this blog had sound  - you could hear me happy clapping and squeeling a little - LOVE these designs!  I really like the 50s surface designs.

Which is probably why I like this artist so much (her lino prints are delicate & gorgeous!) and find her work really inspirational:

And why I reeeeeaaaally like Claudine Hellmuth's 'Creative Layers' stamps... the combination of foam & clear rubber stamps allows you to create the slightly offset lino/screen print look of 50's illustrations..LOVE..LOVE..LOVE!!
This is the first tag I created using the Dwelling stamps set... keeping it quite simple (but not completely simple: two colour on the foam).. The tag was created with Sticky back canvas stuck to a chipboard tag and stamped using PaperArtsy's Fresco Finish paints (LOVE these!) which went really nicely onto the canvas (another surface they'll work on, but I don't know how stable they'll be for washing (I'll ask PA) so maybe just use them on decorative items for now....)



  1. Anonymous8:30 am

    loving the tag and the images of the prints...thanks for sharing.

  2. Ooh yes. I'm lovin it. Tfs

  3. black leather sofa, I thought it was blue!!!!
    love those prints the colours are yum, hadnt been tempted by claudines stamps but you have put a different slant on them, loving the tag :)

  4. What a gorgeous post! Love that tag too, Jo x
    Take a look at this site... you may already know it, but if not I think you'll likey: http://janefosterblog.blogspot.com/
    Scroll through towards the start of Mrach for 50's Heals fabric.

  5. Thanks for sharing your WOYWW. I also love the 50's design, especially Angie Lewin (of St Judes fame), she does a lovely stationary range also! So much lovelyness!!


  6. Gorgeous material. I love looking even when I'm not decorating. Is there such a thing as virtual decorating? If there is I redecorate at least once a month!


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