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1 April 2013

a learning curve...

 ... sometimes you have to revisit things.. I was trying to draw a circle split into 12 segments - its been a 'while' since I've done that, or needed to do that, but thanks to youtube I found out how...
.. which sparked pretty patterns - flowers, with the construction lines around the outside... 
.... I used to love drawing things with a compass when I was a child - patterns, rows of circles, flowers and faces - I tried to resist drawing a face, really I did - but in the end it was too hard to resist...
.... even the little character that evolved looks slightly disappointed with my lack of willpower... lol

Those of you who follow me on twitter might have seen these pictures over the weekend but I'm trying to post less to Twitter and more on the blog - poor neglected little blog!  I'll try not repeat myself too much!



  1. I know what you mean about drawing circles and patterns with a compass, I used to love that too....

  2. A lot of fun tinkering!! Whoop de doo - more blogging time!

    Hope you've enjoyed your Easter


  3. Once you start it's addictive

  4. So glad to hear you will be blogging more.....


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