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1 April 2013

Paint, paint and a bit more paint!...

... because you can never have too much can you!

I'm loving this long weekend!!  Its given me time to do a bit of house-keeping:
I bought the new colours of Fresco Finish a week or so ago and wanted to get them filed in with the rest... when I get the paints I sand and paint the lid (a Leandra tip, great way to see the colours without lifting out the bottles) and then I write on the top: O for opaque, SO for semi-opaque, & T for translucent... the administrator in me wins out every so often. lol  The bottles are laid out in the box the way they are listed on the PA site here
.. and then I started something else - I painted 54 eggs (polystyrene) in each of the colours - at the moment they're held in this cool glass dome I bought at the Ideal Home Exhibition but later they'll live in a birdcage - seems appropriate! lol  I painted them so that it was an interesting way to pick out and look at different colour combinations...
I really enjoyed painting the eggs and seeing different colour combo's coming together - like the above - take the white in the centre and pick two colours that surround it:
snowflake, guacamole, pansy
snowflake, pansy, inky pool
snowflake, inky pool, blood orange (love blood orange btw!)
snowflake, blood orange, chocolate pudding
snowflake... you get the idea...

I'm off to experiment a bit more with the paints... enjoy the rest of weekend..


  1. Ooh... love the idea of the eggs to check out colour combinations, and the lid thing is a great tip too!
    Alison x

  2. I had to smile about your admin tip, I did the same thing with my Distress Inks and coloured a butterfly in each colour and mounted them on a canvas - but I like your idea for the paints, better! Will have a go at that..... Anne x


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