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17 April 2013

Samples, samples and more samples Part2....

.... the first batch of tag samples - I do love a tag (or 2)...(you may have noticed!) these are, for me, functional rather than inspirations samples - tags where I have created little 'testers' or simple 'techniques'...
Spots are another favourite of mine - love a bit of spotted paper, or fabric, or ribbon! On these tags I used a stencil to create the spots.  I had planned to add flower images or embellishments to the tags - but I've decided to leave them like this - for reference...
Left tag:I used Mini15 to stamp words (2nd generation, black archival ink) over the background of the tag leaving some area unstamped. The spots are stamped in Fresco Finish Pansy and a mix of Guacamole and Tinned Peas.  The mesh stamped image is from the long mesh panel on JOFY10
Centre tag:
The corrugated card tag had the edges and bottom edge randomly stripped of the outer layer, the surface was then painted with Nougat (love!) paint - great base colour.  The flowers- Mini14- were stamped using Archival Green, then the spots were painted in Pansy with a spot of Pearl Glaze added over the top... just making little spots of colour pearlised adds that little bit of subtle 'bling'.
Right tag:
Base of tab was randomly painted with Pansy, Guacamole, Nougat and Tinned Peas (probably a bit of Hey Pesto in there too!)(that list sounds like a weird salad recipe doesn't it! lol).. tag was stenciled in a similar way to the tag on left but the square/rectangular spaces were filled with text.

I enjoyed making these tags - creating one inspired another (love it when that happens) - i could've created more (I think) but I had to move on to other things... another time maybe


  1. Lovely as always Jo...

  2. Such gorgeous tags Jo... love them.

  3. When pic came up I said to myself (as it would be a bit weird out loud in office) Oooo I love dots too well and stripes actually....I could go in but only have half hour lunch...
    Happy craftin

  4. Jo what a brilliant idea to test techniques, dont know why I didnt think of it myself, I normally just blunder ahead without any thought, this would be why you are brill and I am ........ (input your own word here) LOL

  5. These are great Jo, I especially like the middle tag, Jo x

  6. Anonymous11:17 pm

    They are great tags, I love the colours.

  7. Anonymous11:17 pm

    They are great tags, I love the colours.

  8. Love these tags too, must try them


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