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16 April 2013

Samples, samples and more samples....

..... made in the lead up to AllyPally this weekend.. I had a lovely time demo'ing on the PaperArtsy stand - where Leandra was demo'ing next to me (giving me a little bit of stick - I wasn't quite the 'tidy' demonstrator she expected lol).  It was a chance to meet lots of lovely crafters, put faces to twitter names, answer lots of questions - it was a really great day... I didn't get a chance to look round the show (apart from a quick dash to the MDF man - very lovely things) so I might go for both days of the September show - shop the first day and then work the second - that's if PA/Leandra will have me back (I'll work on my tidiness! lol)
There has been a really positive response to the JOFY stamps so thank you to everyone who has bought them and I hope you are all enjoying creating with them.

I took a grand total of 3 photos on the day (shocking for the person who normally takes photos of everything.. twice..., but it was too busy to take photos) and two of those photos were of the beautiful stained glass window in the large hall.  AllyPally is undergoing a huge refurbishment to bring it back to its former glory... its a wonderful landmark in London and has THE most amazing panoramic views of the city.

I'll show you my samples over the next few days - the first sample is a double icon - the most detailed sample I made (and possibly my favourite.. but don't tell the other samples - it might make their colours fade in disappointment lol):
The icon was painted with Fresco Finish paints (using one of my new favourite paints - Tinned Peas)(more gorgeous new colours have recently been added to the range... Blood Orange is another must-have). I stamped directly on the icon itself and also onto papers that were painted, cut out and then glued onto the icon. This helps to create a subtle depth...
The surface of the icon needed to remain flat so it could be closed- normally I would 3d mount some of the flowers or attach a button (or two!) but on this piece I had to resist.
All the shading is created with Fresco Finish paints - using mainly the translucent colours.
Pink & green is one of my favourite colour combinations... I could happily use it over and over again.

I forgot to show the sides of the blocks :o) - painted with Tinned Peas (of course!) and stamped with the long hessian strip from JOFY10 (Archival Coffee)

That's today's sample - I'll be back tomorrow with some more...


  1. It was such a shame I had to stay home on Sunday playing with my new stash, would have loved to have watched you demo.... next time!! This is beautiful, and I agree about tinned peas (and sage - love love love sage!)

  2. It's absolutely gorgeous! I wish I lived down south to have come to the show, it sounds like it was a blast.
    I am loving your new stamps, and all the lovely things you are making with them.

  3. Love the soft colours youbhave used trace x

  4. Hi Jo, people are buying the stamps because they are gorgeous! I love my one set but will be adding more soon.... The frame is beautiful and the Tinned Peas colour looks amazing.

  5. Beautiful sample. I didn't get the chance to see you demo but I have slipped your stamps into my stash so hopefully will get a chance to play with them later this week xx

  6. Anonymous5:07 pm

    That is so pretty!!

  7. Stunning Jo! Love the stamps, paints and everyfink! x

  8. What a beauty! Jo x

  9. really love this!!


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