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14 January 2010

Mad Men

I've only just discovered this TV series - and though not very much happens in each episode it is strangely compelling - its visually REALLY good - set in the v late 50's / early 60s the costumes / sets etc are so good!
I'm envying several dresses that have turned up!

The programme is so well written (loads of Grammys) - really subtle (maybe that's why I'm not see the plot!) but its such a good insight in to how things used to be - all the best dressed men wear a hat; the ladies all have matching handbags, shoes, and gloves; everyone smokes in the office; and drinks; the women are doing a lot of the work for the deals being made (and not getting any credit for it - or asking for any credit/reward!) while the men go and schmooze the clients with lunch; married women stay at home.
If you love the 50's/60's then watch this program - its completely brilliant eyecandy.

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