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27 January 2010

tv versus craft...

I like watching TV as much as the next person - but I don't watch it until latish in the evening and then only certain programmes - Criminal Minds, Greys Anatomy (yay new series!), Brothers & Sisters (again: yay new series!), Big Bang Theory and a few others and I will just sit and watch those - full attention expected.  But if I'm just sitting with Matt in the evening watching something or other I like to be doing 'something', something constructive..... During the past week I've purged more than a couple of shelves of magazines from the dining room (very cathartic, and few inspirational finds too) (the shelves are a work in progress - 5+ years of craft magazines to be gone through... it could take a while!)
The other night I was bored of clearing magazines and because I'd been so excellent (even if I do say so myself, lol) in clearing so much I treated myself to some quick sewing projects - love making little things to be used on other things and so I made 6 of these:

The observant amoung you may notice there are only FIVE - thats because a small, black furry creature (aka Bertie) took it to play with (?) and its not been seen since! Gotta love him (sometimes!), aaaanyhoo its all part of his charm I suppose and if thats all he's wandered off with then I should be grateful shouldn't I .... lol
So I made the above with a view to adding them to cards as embellishments.  Cute.

Sitting in front of the TV and doing somthing constructive seems better than simply sitting and watching TV doesn't it?  To just sit and watch tv seems wasteful somehow (- unless its Greys Anatomy of course! lol)


  1. These are great- it's amazing that such expensive looking embellishments canbe made from simple elements. I should make time to have a go at some myself!!

  2. He He, fabulous and I love that fact that you have cat/dog (not sure which) that carries things off. I have a cat that likes to take my jumpers around the house!

  3. Anonymous9:58 am

    Fabulous Jo - I love how expensive they look!


  4. Anonymous9:05 am

    Received my issue of Craft Stamper yesterday - love the work jo - those ATCs are fab!



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