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24 January 2018

JoFY Bingo W2.. part 2...

... I made a tag for JoFY Bingo W2 but wasn't happy with it.

The perspective idea of the tag got me thinking... so I altered it 'slightly' and now the tag looks like this:

I didn't want to create something brand new simply alter what I had. 

I wanted to create a diorama card.  To do this I measured the tag and drew a rough plan - and I mean rough - previously I've made diorama cards by creating separate layers & adding inside but this time I wanted to use the concertina method so my sketched plan was just to remind me of the measurements needed and, as I wasn't referring to any books or previous projects I was working blind - by drawing it out I could visualise what was needed for it to work.  

The structure is a kraft card 'wrap'/box-like structure attached to one long edge of the original tag and folds all the way round and attaches to the other long edge of the tag. Here are the creases needed to make the concertina folds for the 'hills' that you can see in the top photo.

Once the kraft card was scored I cut the appropriate height and cut an aperture in what would be the front - I folded all the score lines before die cutting because it made it easier to position the die.

I cut down the tag and attached it to the kraft card - the project was evolving as I was making it and so positioning of items altered as it went along & you can see from the photo below I had to raise the height of the tag to get a better position of the shed.  This wasn't too concerning because the resulting gap at the bottom would be hidden by layers added in front.

The diorama has four layers, counting from the back: tag is layer 1, layer 2 with small flowers, layer 3 with medium flowers, and layer four is the front (wrap-around) layer.  I couldn't salvage any of the 'grass' from the original tag so I painted/stamped a panel and cut it up to create 3 layers of grass - 2 for the internal layers and 1 to be added to the front of the card.

I salvaged all the flowers and leaves and attached them to each layer (closing the card each time to check positioning).

To close/construct the card I built it from the front backwards using the strong red line doublesided tape. In the photo below I'm holding layer three ready to attach it the front of the card.  The card is fixed in place by attaching the kraft card to the reverse of the tag - bit tricky!

In the photo below you can see the different layers:

ooooh its like a makeover TV show:...

.. the tag went from this:

.. to this:

I'm much happier with this project and I've created two projects for the price of one!! lol

Aaanyhoo - I look forward to seeing any projects you make this week. (go HERE for a reminder of the latest Bingo numbers and what its is all about!)


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