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23 January 2018

JoFY Bingo Wk.2

This post is a day later than planned due to the small matter of a stamp release yesterday!

OK, back to business (well, fun really!)  JoFY Bingo Week 2!! This week's numbers are shown in the photo above and corresponding stamps sets look like this:

Beach huts are basically sheds (nice sheds!) on a beach... so for my project this week I've brought it off the sand and into the garden...

I was aiming for a scene with perspective - large flowers in the foreground and the shed and row of flowers in the background & seemingly further away.

To create the scene: Using JOFY16: the beach hut became the shed, the bucket and spade became garden pots; from JOFY22 the flowers stayed as flowers; and from JM22 the vase of flowers became a row of flowers in the distance - they were a perfect size!

The tag measures 21.5x10.5cm (approximately 8x4inches) which is a good size for building a scene onto.

I hope the stamp choices have inspired you to join in - if so here are the 'rules'... (they're more like loose guidelines really...) :o)

The balls/numbers are blogged on a Monday, along with a project I've made using the corresponding stamp sets, then the plan is to:
  • Use/combine 2 stamp sets (use only those stamp sets - not all the stamps in each set - that would be too much of an ask but as long as there are one or two stamps from each set then its OK!)
  • 7 days to create 1 project, makers choice:  cards... atc... journal page... dimensional project... tag...
  • Use any paints/media, colours, embellishments, stencils/masks
  • Load up your project to Instagram any time during the week.  Please use Instagram links #jofybingo and @jofyjo in the text (not 'tagging' me please) so I can find it :o)
I hope you can join in - I look forward to seeing what you create!



  1. ooh now I have both the big sets this time.... can I join in without an instagram account?

    1. Yay!! Yes of course! please do :o))

      I've been thinking about what to do if people don't have IG accounts... I haven't come up with a solution yet - still thinking about it... lol (you could get an IG account - its like Twitter but better and with pictures! - it'd be great place for you to load your Kew photos...)

  2. I have been following along with this. It's fun. I don't have so many of your sets so I am hoping one week I will be able to join in. I don't do ig either. We could leave comment and a link to our project...... Or tag on fb... Hugz


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