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23 January 2008

New PaperArtsy stamps...

Spent yesterday afternoon playing ..ahem.. working at the studio - received my new PaperArtsy stamps so had to have a play with those - very different from the other lines - and this is what I made - a Pyramid card decorated with the PA SquigglyInk stamps, distress ink, leaf ribbon, and some felt balls.

I can feel some ATCs coming on... once my tree image plate arrives (I had ordered plates with all small elements and no plates with a large feature motif...doh! So I've ordered 2 more plates this time with a feature motif)

12 January 2008

New Classes at Card Inspirations....

... and here are taster shots of my classes. Really looking forward to these classes. The shop has a great program of classes coming up. Check the website for the full listing.

Chipboard: 01.Feb.08 & 05.April.08

To Love and to Hold: 02.Feb.08

Distress Inks: 21.Feb.08 & 15.Mar.08

Cuttlebug: 22.Feb.08 & 04.Apr.08

Resist: 14.Mar.08 & 22.Apr.08

Tin-Tastic 2: 21.Apr.08


8 January 2008

Too much this'n'that ... not enough creativity!!

I've just looked down my recent blogs and there's a lot of pictures of this'n'that but not - I don't think/feel - enough creative work!!
This is partly due to that fact that my last 2 visits to the Studio have been spent clearing up the mess I created over Christmas!! I could hardly see the desk or move around the space let alone create anything! (and I was slightly zapped of creativity preparing for christmas!!)
So, with that in mind here is a picture of the Tweets - as featured in an earlier post - but now they have a home.... but I don't know for how long - I may sell them (etsy here I come?!). And I also need to give their 'aviary' a bit of a make-over - needs a bit of 'something' don't you think?!

Is it early too think about christmas decorations?!?

... or too late?!? These were our bargain christmas deccy's - bought the day before Christmas Eve along with our upside down tree it stands on its point rather than the base! - a bit anti christmas maybe but great all the same - and yes the dec's really are that bright!!
I love that they are soooooo bright and vivid - much more vibrant than our white and blue toned tree decs.
And a high energy version of one of my favourite colour combinations - pink and green.

3 January 2008

oooooh the prettiness!!

I've been taking stock of 'stuff' for the new year - when you craft its easy to acquire a lot of equipment and embellishements along the way and then its easy to lose track of what you've got (and appreciate and use what you've got!) so this little book was more practical than creative...... I made a 'little book of bling' (using my lovely bind-it-all machine) using cardboard and coasters and put all my types of 'bling' in it (diamante's and sparkly bits I can see what I've got and hopefully seeing them will inspire me to use them.... (and yes, this may be a sort of filing . . . . the administrator in me rises to the surface again every-so-often!! but that's not always a bad thing..)

But then having said that (about having too much) I was on the Craft Obsessions site the other day and they had bags of buttons for sale - ooooooh!! All lovely and colour co-ordinated! Normally I would go into charity shops for buttons for crafting - there is something lovely about sorting around in a button tin (unless you find the 1 upholstery tack that ALL buttons tins seem to have (why is that?) with the tip of your finger - OUCH!)

I digress - put buttons on the list (with ribbon and paper) of items you can never have too many of (unless you're a friend of ours (who shall remain nameless) that has a phobia of buttons) . . . . just sorting through them to find the perfect button is very satisfying!! (and no, I don't need to get out more, thanks very much!! lol)

When Hero Arts described this pack as 'tiny buttons' they weren't kidding were they ?!? lol


1 January 2008

Happy New Year!!

I've made some resolutions (hasn't everyone??) but I'm keeping what they are to myself . . . or people might start checking up as to whether I'm keeping them or not! lol
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