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30 November 2008

I can't believe that tomorrow is DECEMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where did this year go??

18 November 2008

Eye candy that's getting me in the mood for Christmas

In this months Elle Dec/or Living etc (can't remember which) there was a BEAUTIFUL interior and in this interior were HUGE paper balls.... but no source was listed! HUMPH.

.. .aaaaanyway I was clearing out the cruise trunk (our coffee table) last night where all the interiors magazines get stashed away (some were 5 years old which is really bad!) and I was flicking through before sending them to recycling and ... TA-DA more huge paper balls and more importantly a source.

look at the prettyness!! the loveliness!
these made me very happy! these will be debuting in my lounge this christmas... well maybe not the lounge (the biggest snowflake is 72cm!! - maybe the drop in the hall... we'll worry about that later) but they will definitely be out of the reach of Miss Lola! That kitten LOVES to chew cardboard and paper! Am almost dreading putting the tree up - she's going to be a nightmare.
christmas tree versus 5 month old kitten? you do the maths. lol

And these little birdies will go into the aviary with my Tweets (see previous post)

10 November 2008


... how long its been since I last posted... have been soooo busy with projects that aren't really blogable (is that even a word?! lol) - lots of bits and pieces over the last week or so, and one major project for College... and over the weekend I managed to strain my torso/ribs so I'm hobbling around like a little old person! M's had to help me off of the sofa a couple of times! lol I feel like I've been kicked by a horse! lol

I'll have too keep this blog updated more in future and keep it filled with pretty pictures because now its linked to the Craft Stamper blog site. Exciting.

I'm in the December issue of Craft Stamper by the way! To find out more you'll have to buy the magazine!!
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