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27 September 2008

Introducing Lola*

She's a 12 week old kitten that we chose this morning, and will be collecting from the RSPCA on Monday.
We were worried that Fredd was getting lonely and so we've adopted her keep him company...

I'll keep you posted on how they get on.......

* We were originally going to call her Mabel but that didn't suit so now she's Lola.

26 September 2008

Craft Stamper November 08

I've been working on projects that I couldn't tell anyone about .... well now I can!!!!!! and here it is:

I was asked to submit work to Craft Stamper and here is the first issue featuring my work... November's issue and that's my pop-up card as the main cover image!!!!!!!!!
Its not on the newstands until next Friday - this photo of the cover was taken from the magazine's website http://www.craftstamper.com/ on there you'll find previews of upcoming issues etc.
(I may have to visit the local stockists and move all copies to the front of the racks! lol)(or take a camera and photograph it on the shelf)(or take photos of myself standing at the shelf pointing at the magazine - - - no, that one would be too much wouldn't it.. aaah how I make myself laugh!!)

25 September 2008

Sometimes it takes longer to make one card than it does to make ten!!
I was asked to make a card for a friend's son's birthday - which I'm more than happy to do...... but I find male cards really quite hard... I didn't realise how often I put flowers, gems, ribbons or other 'girlie' items on a card until I came to make a male card!
Must practice and make more mens cards.... which hopefully will be helped by the fact that a man has signed up for one of my courses - I think this will be good for me and the students - a different perspective.

These cards were made from sample/ test pieces I made while preparing for a class using Ranger's Perfect Pearls powders. Love these powders - the way they change colour and react to light - especially when used on black/dark paper.... and they are really versatile - lots of uses....

22 September 2008

aaah well, back from hols - 10 lovely hot days spent in Portugal where the most difficult decision I had to make was whether to lay on my front or back on the sunbed!
So am back, recharged and ready for action which is good because I've got loads to do. :o) oooh its hard being a creative! lol
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