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20 June 2008

A whole month...........

......... almost has gone by since I last posted - how bad is that!

Been quite busy... for speed here is the last month in bullet points...

  • finished teaching
  • created (still creating) new courses
  • tried to write essays
  • trip to Yorkshire - steam trains, sun burn and sheep that glow in the dark (!)
  • taught at CI
  • Art Trail (not exhibiting!... maybe next year............)
  • received blasts from the past via Facebook
  • made a dinky little mini book out of beer mats (might share a piccy of that when its finished)(it won't be finished until I'm back in the Studio - hopefully next week)
  • have several new exciting projects on the go but sssshhhhhhhh - can't tell you yet - its a secret! lol
    (but before several of you get over excited - no, one of the secret projects is not me being pregnant!!)

When I write it down like that it doesn't seem so much does it - must aim to be a 'flylady' - i get so much more when I'm in that mode!

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