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27 January 2009

Bits and pieces...

Small cards (6x3in) made with Banana Frog stamps (whirligig, pharmacy, joe iv, and scribble flowers) and on the top card a panel (mmmm swiss dots card stock from Bazzill) cut with my 'Slice' machine. Got to work on the spacing of the 'happy' on the bottom card - it got a bit lost in the background pattern...

a couple of simple tags that I was playing with while making my Banana Frog 'Project of the day' this month.... I was going to include the green tag but at the time it lacked 'something' and then a week or so later that 'something' arrived in the form of my new Martha Stewart border punch - see close-up... mmmm nice - I like that a lot - prepare for it to be on LOTS of my layouts, cards etc lol.

24 January 2009

Just when everything was going so well....

I really didn't want to make yet another horrible - but right - decision like this again so soon but yesterday we had to have Fredd put to sleep. I'd had him for almost 14 years and a lot's happened in that time and he purred (loudly!) through most of it. He was such an adorable cat. So sad.


20 January 2009

Starring Little Miss Lola

I won't do this very often (can't promise that though!) but Lola was being v cute playing with M and her new toy last night - managed to get some clips of her but I'm only showing one (you can have too much of a good thing! and I'm sure she's only adorable to us!) - its her little face at the end that sold it to me! That little face gets her off the hook when I discover she's chewed something! (cardboard is her favourite - I'll post more of that that later.. oh pants! I said I wouldn't didn't i... nevermind!)


16 January 2009

Up and Running at Banana Frog

I've uploaded my first project for Banana Frog - head over to their blog if you'd like to see more...

13 January 2009


I've just watched last weeks episode of ER - Episode 1 of the new series.... TV programmes like that should come with a warning : Be prepared: you will need tissues
It was ssssoooooooooooooooo sad - very understated and nicely done but oooooooooh sooooo sad! I blubbed.. a lot! Fantastic TV.

I also finished watching 'The Devil's Whore' from before christmas - anyone who didn't see that should watch it - brilliant series - I watched it and then immediately wanted to watch it again!
I watch recorded programmes first thing in the morning with my breakfast to ease myself into the day - not sure Devils Whore was such a good choice - slightly too much blood, gore and beheadings for 7.30 in the morning!

10 January 2009

Card Inspirations.....

.... sign up for new classes is today at the shop - ending at 3.15 (but you can still book via phone, email or post after that), the shop will close at 4.00. And they're also having a sale so why not pop by to sign up for a class and grab a bargain or two at the same time! There are some great christmas items in the sale - so if you'd like to be super-organised for xmas 2009 (!!) go stock up on your stash!!

Here are a few sneak peeks of my classes....

Oops, they're all looking a bit pink (and green) aren't they - there are other colour choices planned - honest!
Part of my New Year Resolutions (which weren't many) was to not use white as a card base - broaden out into other colours.... maybe I should include 'do not use pink & green' in those plans. :o)

5 January 2009

I'm a happy crafter because.....

... yesterday I found out that I'd been picked to be one Banana Frog's Design Team for this year!!!!!
At least I can say that now without chuckling to myself and grinning like a cheshire cat! (M said I was randomly chuckling to myself during the drive to see friends yesterday evening! he'd ask 'banana frog?' and I'd chuckle again! lol)
Am very excited and looking forward to what's in store... Am chuffed!!

4 January 2009

I must have been nice this year and not at all naughty because Santa brought me a 'Slice' die cut machine!!!! Yeay! I had to wait a while for it but that's probably a good thing because if it had arrived at christmas I wouldn't have got anything done because I'd have been too busy playing with it! lol
Its a great little machine! Expect lots more pics using pieces cut using it.....
Sorry about the wierd angle of this photo! And the wierd paper choices - I was just cutting anything I could get my hands on at home (which isn't a lot since I tidied up!)
Look how nice/interesting the cut pieces start to become once they've been fed through the cuttlebug (bottom right and top right pieces), or stamped on - 'button' top left, or hand embellished - '2008'.. oooooh the possibilities...... and while you're looking could I draw your attention to the GORGEOUS dots paper (frame, centre of pic) (from Bazzill I think) - how lovely is that paper!
The machine has its limits - only cuts up to 4inches, and only through thin media (no chipboard) but its really portable, and for anything thicker - there's the Cuttlebug, and anything bigger there's the Cricut or Silhouette.. definitely filling a hole in the die-cut market...
I'm a happy little crafter!! (and for more reasons than just receiving a 'Slice' - more about that tomorrow!!)
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