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20 February 2008

Advertising doesn't get better than this does it?!?!

I don't watch breakfast TV very often but am SO GLAD I did this morning or I wouldn't have seen this...

How good is that - made me want to go and create pop-ups!!! LOVE IT!! advertising doesn't get better than this...

(. . . well apart from the ad where George Clooney arrives at a party with a bottle of Barcadi and doesn't get invited in.... which is just completely unrealistic.... he's definitely a Jack Daniels type of guy surely?!? .... lol .....)


8 February 2008

Birthday Book

I came back from working at CI feeling very inspired and creative and so I made this Parcel Tag book (as well as some other bits but can't show those yet!) - just for the fun of it. Sometimes its nice to make something for no reason other than to make something. (Used stamps: Broken15 alphabet from PurpleOnion and Happy Wishes from Hero Arts.)

Books & Blooms

Ali Edwards featured a little scrapbook in her new (excellent) book using alphabet address tabs and this is my take on it.. its going to feature my favourite things under the relevant letter, but also its going to have lists:
When I can't sleep I pick a subject and try to find a word relevant the subject starting with each letter of the alphabet - its very calming and is very good at getting me back to sleep! Try it! And think how prepared you'll be for the next fun quiz!! lol
(but sometimes the process backfires - when you can't find a word for a certain letter ... and I've been told (by M) that waking your dh up in the middle in the night to ask for a suggestion for a country beginning with the letter X is not acceptable! lol )

I made these little flowers (unfinished) yesterday with my lovely little Cuttlebug! The more I use the Cuttlebug the more I like it.

The CB is really versatile - I'm feeding all types of things through it just to see if it works with them!!
My current challenge - and I won't be beaten - is to try and emboss with the machine and tradional brass embossing stencils... word is that you use the CBs embossing mat but it is SO hard to feed it through I'm frightened the pressure will break the machine.. I fed the suggested plates through a while ago and it all shot out of the other side of the machine with such force the plates shot across the room and hit the opposite wall !!!!!!!! Funny as it was at the time I don't think its the long time approach to the challenge... I've got a Wizard embossing mat which apperently works well... I'll let you kmow! lol

7 February 2008

I've been tagged!!..........

by Sandra

1. Post rules before you give your answers.
2. List a fact about you that starts with each letter of your middle name. (if you don't have one use maiden name.)
3. Update your blog with your middle name and answers
4. Tag one person for each letter in your middle name.

No, poor me I don't have a middle name... deprived child ! .. no not really lol.
With my name being Joanne I have 2 names in my first name... no need for a middle name.. if you see what I mean?!


My maiden name is Firth... (I'll just state the obvious shall I? lol)

F.... First Prize was what I won dressed as a DairyLea Cream cheese triangle, aged 7. If you'd like to see what I looked like see earlier posting....
I.... Indecisive - when it comes to the small things.... I make a decision, change my mind, make a decision, change my mind... just ask anyone who has been clothes shopping with me!!
R.... Ranting... I rant when something annoys me... such as people parking across our drive... how RUDE is it when people do that... and inconsiderate... and selfish... and did I mention RUDE.. things like that turn me into Victor Meldrew! lol 'I don't believe it.. someone's parked across our drive again...' blah blah blah
T.... Time keeping is not my best feature!.. but I'm much better than I used to be... honest.... lol
H.... Hopelessly easily distracted!! walking from one end of our flat to the other I can find something to do along the way that is more interesting than what I was doing to start with!!....

Oops they are not very positive are they?... lol might have to think a bit harder about these...
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