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31 August 2007

Sun Sun Sun

Sunny! Not a cloud in the sky - not one, not a single one, nothing ...... for 4 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I quite miss the clouds! (NOT!) I would show you photos but I can´t so just sit back, close your eyes and imagine a clear blue sky........ and a gentle breeze......
Its a tough job but someone´s got to do it!!
(actually the toughest job of this week has been to find my way around this foreign keyboard!! took a while and some assistance from the front desk to find the ´@´ key! ) far too taxing so I´m going back to my sunbed - via the bar.... there´s a cocktail with my name on it I think....

25 August 2007

Isn't that just typical?!!

I lost my bone creaser about 2 months ago.... (a proper made-from-bone bone folder, not a plastic one) and so when I went up to London yesterday for my MOT I went to Faulkner Fine Papers in Southampton Row (mmmmnnn nice shop!) and bought a new one (from the shop I bought the first one!)... I resisted the Teflon one.. at £12.00 for a small one it was quite easy to resist! :o) but hey a bone bone folder is what I wanted so thats what I bought.
And do you know what Matt found today when he went into the boot (no, the spare wheel compartment) of my car... yes everyone wins a prize! he found my original bone folder!!!!!!!!!!!
aaaaarrrrghhhhh! I'm really pleased its been found but couldn't it have been found a couple of days (months?) ago when I was looking for the bloomin' thing.. and not the day after I'd bought a new one!! lol
I didn't realise how much I used the bone folder/creaser until I lost it! (and hey, now I have 2 - you can never have too many!......)

And while I was in London I went to Blade Rubber as this shop is just around the corner from the hospital - I like to go in there as a treat for having been to the hospital (oh please - like I need an excuse to go into a craft shop!)... aaanyway they had a stand of books and magazines for sale. And there it was - Somerset Wedding 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! With my front cover!! Ive never seen the publication on a rack, in a shop, for sale!!!!!!!!! So of course I had to take a photo!!!!!!

I can't help it - it still makes me smile when I see the cover in print or somewhere unexpected. (I'll get over it ... eventually!)
Also Cath at Katy's Corner sent me the Stampington's Artful Blogger publication that I'd ordered(Thanks Cath!). I was going to take it away with me but I think its best not to as I'll just want to sit in front of a computer and check out all the great blogs that are featured instead of relaxing in the sun! So its going to have to stay at home - there were just too many great sites in it to resist!!
Lots going on so I'm having a short break from the blogging. Back soon.

21 August 2007

Teaching @ Card Inspirations

Went up to Tewin, Hertforshire at the weekend to meet the new owners of Card Inspirations.
Had a good meeting and I'm going to be teaching there a couple of times before Christmas. I'm really looking forward to it.
Check the Card Inspirations site for class details, the photos below are little tasters of what I'll be doing......


13 August 2007

357 ATCs

I'm aware that I post a lot of 'in progress' items! (its just that I have lot of things on the go at one time!)

So, just to show that I do actually finish items here are pics of the ATCs from the post earlier today.... finished! (nb. in reality they're not quite as 'green' as this photo, and the chipboard numbers are a black/gold interference mix thingymajiggy (I haven't got the ink pad here but I think its Brilliance Lightning Black)).
(I've also linked these to the 'Think Monday, Think ATC' site, the first time I've done this.)
I've had a small white ATC tin sitting in our kitchen waiting to be altered/ prettied up for about 6 months.

Here's what I did with it! (Finally)

Basic Grey papers, Got Flowers flowers (just seen at the top of the piccy), ArtGirlz mini wool balls (I love these mini versions of the balls - they make good 'berries'), and Heidi Swapp bling strips.

ATCs in progress - the piccy on the left is of a set which I like but were too 'flat' (so remain unfinished) and so i made a second set (on the right) with a bit more dimension - the image panels have since been coloured and the chipboard numbers are going to be embossed.... still in progress!
(but just wanted to show that I have been busy)

Have also been card making again but can't show those as they were a commission and haven't been sent/received yet!

6 August 2007

Swivel card (or flip-flap)...

This card is still in progress... embellishments and bits still to be attached and an image on the reverse side.. but I thought I'd better get some creativity on here rather than random pictures of the seaside and flocked wallpaper!!

And this is a chipboard tag book (maya road) - also in progress - with a chipboard letter on each page spelling out my name and showing pics of my favourite things. Using the gorgous Scarlett's letter papers from Basic Grey, and with pictures printed off using my new favourite piece of kit - the HP Photosmart A618 photo printer. Its such a fantastic piece of kit - I love it! The colours are really true, and its so portable... Love it! I can take it to the studio, choose photos from the camera memory card (thats inserted into the printer), print them off and put them in a scrapbook there and then!
NB - the photos not really very interesting I realise but its the only one I have of the book at the moment!
This months ATC for ArtyATC - Theme of 'Dreaming'. The text on the ATC reads

'If these spirits have offended, Think but this and all is mended, That you have just slumbered here, While these visions did appear'

from a Midsummer Night's Dream by Shakespeare (it seemed quite appropriate!). And the Fairies are from PaperArtsy.
I was a bit late on the deadline for this months theme - I'm determined NOT to be next month (also because we'll be on holiday when the deadline comes round) so I'm doing them this week!
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