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28 October 2010

Catching up...

Its half term at the moment and I'm catching up with bits and pieces  which is good but its been hampered slightly by:
  • Our main pc is a little the worse for wear and so a nice man has taken it away to (hopefully) make it better.. (you know how computer help lines always tell you to turn the machine off and on again - well ours was doing that all my itself!!! ggrrrr) and the laptop doesn't have a seperate mouse (just one of those plate thingies in front of the keyboard - aaaargh I just can't get on with those - I need a mouse!! lol)
  • I've run out of glue sticks - how is that posible - I was sure I had a load in a drawer somewhere but apparently not!  I discovered its quite hard to craft without a glue stick - and not just any old glue stick - a Tombow glue stick - love Tombow but dislike that its not overly widely available.. I've been online and bought 6 sticks - I almost bough 10 but decided this may have been a bit obesssive! lol
What else has happened in JoLand - well there was this last friday:
Hubby arranged these - he never does things by half!!  These balloons couldn't be any bigger or pinker could they!! lol  v v fab - but Bertie & Lola are a little unsure about them - especially as they have bells on (the balloons not the cats! lol)

There was the first of 2 ArtsyCrafts weekends - which was really good - lots of lovely ladies making lots of lovely stuff... The projects were really really nice - The ladies who are going to Warrington this weekend are in for a real treat.  I'll post photos once the second weekend is done & dusted.

I downloaded the NewYork photos (loved New York!) ready for the pc going to be repaired - here are a few photos (there are soooo many I can't show you them all - and I'm sure you've got better things to look at on the internet than my holiday snaps! lol)
I loved the NewYork brownstone houses - elegant and tradional against all the skyscrapers that everyone associates with NewYork (and yes we did see the Sex & The City street but I didn't walk down it ala Carrie Bradshaw - I didn't have the right shoes (trainers rather than Manolo Bkahnik's) lol)
I took this photo down on the Lower East side - love the peeling posters (the posters might even have been painted on).  This was near the Tenement Museum - if you go to NY you really HAVE to go there. The museum is just wonderful - its been put together with such care, love and attention that its a definite must see.  The guide who took us round almost reduced me to tears twice.  Very moving.  This one tenement building had 7000, yes SEVEN THOUSAND occupants over a 50 year period!! Can you imagine! That works out to be, on average, 140 new people through in each year!!  10 approx a month!!  I have trouble getting my head round those numbers!
 And this is the view from window on the journey home - oooh fluffy clouds - they look like you should be able to bounce on them! (and coming into land it did feel like the plane was bouncing on them!) and I love the Union Jack on the edge of the wing!

Well thats all for today (got to go feed the car (yes the car) & then catch the shops before they close) - tomorrow I might have some creative bits to show you! ... but I'm not making any promises! lol

27 October 2010

Insight into Jo-Land

I was wandering around the www today looking at the sites/ peeps I follow on twitter, planning to sign up for a course that Copy&Paste are running to do with Christmas but I got side tracked at Julie Kirk's blog (one half of Copy&Paste) by the list of questions she asked & answered (all about 'shopping' at home - ie using things that you've already bought but not used yet)- she invited readers to answer them:

so here are my answers - its a little glimpse of what its like in Jo-land! (a very nice place, of which I am queen and she who must (maybe) be obeyed rofl)

1. It would be amazing if my house really was a shop like ...  Can't decide: so many shops so little time!

2. But at the moment it's probably more like ...  no-one's just mine - bit of this bit of that..

3. The best-stocked area of my house has got to be ... my workroom or the bathroom shelf (though quite a lot of that is M's)

4. But I'm not sure I would dare do a stock-take of my ... Craft stash! because if I added up what's here and at the studio it actually makes me feel quite sick - there is soon to be a major cull/destash of this because its now cramping my thoughts....

5. I could actually open my doors right now and sell off most of my ... music cd's, craft stash, junk jewellery (necklaces, bangles)... and I'd still have plenty left!

6. If I could go shopping in someone else's house I'd choose ... oooh too many choices!!

7. With the money I'll save by shopping at home for my supplies, I could buy ... hhmm thats a toughy - I'd save it all up until I saw the perfect 'something' - and as those things come up unexpectedly its good to have the money squirrelled away 'just in case!  oooh no, I know, I know - I'd buy an Isamu Noguchi table (been wanting  one for a while)
8. During this class I hope I will get to 'buy' / revisit / finally get to use my stock of ... Everything!! lol but especially chipboard shapes & alphabets, not forgetting the buttons, buttons, and oh, more buttons....

9. The best thing about shopping at home will be ... not carrying any bags of 'purchases', rediscovering forgotton treasures - and turning all that stash into lovely items!! destashing AND creating - thats a double whammy!

 10. Shopping at home will mean I can get away with wearing ... no make-up and my oh-so-comfy pink-with-white-spots pj bottoms & a t-shirt .

aaaanyhoo enough about 'shopping' in Jo-land!  thats all for now.. got to go and create something!!  (I've got some new Tim Holtz & Sizzix dies to play with!)

25 October 2010

Call off the search party! I'm here!...

...and I been a truly bad bad blogger - almost a whole month has gone by without updating of the blog - thats truly shameful ... I blame the very quick & easy Twitter! lol
but I'm getting back on track.
Normal service will resume asap! I may even WOYWW!!
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