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27 October 2009

PC still broken...

.. and is at the PC World hospital where they will hopefully be able to bring it back to life along with all the information stored inside! fingers crossed.
so this is me posting from my bro & S-i-l's pc, while half watching J playing Wii tennis and half listening to E chuckle his way through his dinner!

At least there is an upside (small one) to the PC being broken - I have time to do more constructive and creative things than wandering around the www! lol I just can't show you what it is ...'cos I don't have a computer!!!! aaaaargh!

btw - I've just spent 2 great weekends working at the ArtsyCrafts 'retreats' - more planned for next year - check out the PaperArtsy & LB Crafts blogs for more details later in the year.... (and check their sites and blogs to see what was done at this one!)

22 October 2009

keeping this brief...

1. I am now officially another year older.
2. I went and saw Spandau Ballet in concert - 20 years on - and they still ROCK!!! So pleased / relieved to be able to say that! lol they ROCKED!!!
3. But, more seriously: Our PC has 'died!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I am seriously restricted in the IT department!
Boohoo humph sniff aaaaaaaarrgh!
I didn't realise how much I used the computer until I couldn't! and how much important 'stuff' is stored on it that I can't get to! (but i did back it up last month so 'yay' for me! and phew! thank goodness for that)
So consider this notification that I will be awol until other lines of communication can be found!
Now, where did I put those carrier pigeons......

16 October 2009

Over at Banana Frog....

...its my day - so hop on over to see what this is.... (and don't forget to take a look at the great new stamps they've just issued..)


7 October 2009

Things have been a little (!) hectic lately but finding this on YouTube made me stop for a minute! :

...At this time in two weeks I will probably be climbing the walls with excitement 'cos I'll be getting ready to go & see Spandau live again (** years on!) who'd have thought! lol (i'll take the video down soon as I realise not everyone is a fan.... lol)(but come on - how could you not be! lol)

Right must go and do something more constructive... I'm going to be at Card Inspirations on Friday to teach a class and Saturday to demo the Cuttlebug..... 'I love my Cuttlebug'! I say that a lot -its such a great little machine! maybe I should get a t-shirt with that printed on! lol
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