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1 August 2012


Hello!  Welcome to my new workroom!

This month I have a couple of articles in Craft Stamper firstly this:
...and secondly I'm the subject of the 'meet n greet' article - I really enjoyed answering the questions - was fun.. and it included pictures of my workspace.. I'll show updated shots of my workroom another time (its an ongoing project!).
I'm feeling v spoiled to have a new room - its lovely & airy.... but I'm not going to show you my desk - there's not much on it (just things waiting to be put away!)
I'm going to show you my floor! lol
Yes, the floor...
Could we all please take a moment to look at my lovely floor! rofl FOUR COATS OF FLOOR STAIN that had to be rollered on while kneeling!!!!!! sore knees (until my lovely dh bought me a pair of knee pads - fab!!).. sore everything actually - but it was worth it - I love the colour!... and now I'm going to cover quite a lot of it up with a rug! lol  It has such a lovely sheen to it - thank you Dulux for your lovely product! lol - the colour is Ebony in case you're wondering   :o)
So thats my new room - can't wait to get settled in and get crafting...

For more desks and snooping the information is here - sit awhile and snoop around - its fun!

Hope you're all well - have a good day
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