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15 February 2017


... is this coming weekend. The trade show is open to retailers and professionals in the craft and hobby sector, and PaperArtsy have planned 6 workshops featuring all their new and exciting products.

I'm pleased to be running a workshop on Sunday morning... designed especially for the show the class project features all the new JOFY products and I can't wait to share it with everyone.....

There are a few places remaining - head on over to the PaperArtsy WHOLESALE site to book your place.

I look forward to seeing you there!


13 February 2017

Masterboards & Masks

Yesterday was my turn on the PaperArtsy blog - you can read the post HERE.  

Well, I finished painting the boards but I couldn't quite leave it there.....!

I mounted the black gesso'd panel onto heavyweight mixed media paperstock, stamped over the flower in black Archival and then embossed in Copper - but only the parts of the image on the black panel (otherwise the stamping would be lost).

I like this so much - with the added construction lines it reminds me of a vintage wallpaper design in the planning stages.

Thanks for popping by... 

10 February 2017

Fresco Finish paints.....

... those bottles of fabulous colours that we all know and love!  92 colours! (not counting the glazes) .. and here they are... (the FrescoFinish fans out there are stroking the screen aren't you! lol don't worry I won't judge lol)

I've tried many ways to keep track of all the colours and I think this is by far the easiest - easy to flick through, easy to store - easier than this which, though very nice, turned out to be totally impractical!!....

and they're really easy to update - as you can see from the photo below I don't have a bottle of Green Patina from Seth Apter's latest paint set and so I've inserted a white tag showing where it should be..- great way of showing which of the colours you're missing.. 
I'd really recommend doing something like this as it reminds you of all the colours and you'll rediscover old (or find new) favourites!

The tags I've used are 6x12cm but you could use smaller tags if you wanted (or larger!)... my tags are threaded onto a big bookring that hangs onto my Ikea trolley... makes me quite happy to see everything neat, tidy, organised and in its place.... ah if I could only say that about the rest of my work room! :o)

I'd love to know if/how you store or log your colours.

Thanks for popping by...


5 February 2017

#365Challenge.... January: Part 3

Well, that's January done and dusted - it went by in a flash didn't it!!

Here is the last batch of January's pages... I'm really enjoying the process (challenge) of making a page a day, answering the questions posed in the Flow Magazine calendar... I'm starting to think that these pages would maybe be more interesting for you if you knew what the questions were and the pages would make more sense wouldn't they?? Sometimes I put the questions on my Instagram comment against the photo but if you're not on Instagram you're a bit in the dark aren't you! sorry about that!
I recommend Instagram - its like Twitter but more visual, less chatty and you get more than 140 characters to play with in your description! win win in my book! hhhmm Instagram: imagine Twitter meets Pinterest and you'll get the idea...

aaaanyhoo.. the pages.. with questions/answers were relevant...

Day 20: Do I always want to win?  Depends very much on the game or argument and who its with! lol

Day 21: Do I always celebrate my birthday? Definitely!
Day22: What's your favourite room in your house?  Couldn't decide, so I made a page out of a panel I'd torn up.. but I didn't want to disguise the tears so, inspired by the Japanese art of Kintsugi (mending breaks in porcelain with resin and gold) I embossed the cracks with gold embossing powder... really like this effect.

Day 23: How do you cheer yourself up after a bad day?
Day 24: When are you at your best?  definitely not in the morning! lol

Day 26: What book made a great impression on you?  'The life changing magic of tidying' (read it you will not be able to resist a good declutter!)

Day 27: What kind of movies would you rather see at home than in the cinema?  Horror! so I can leave the room if it gets too scary! lol

Day 29: Do you believe in life after death?  oh we're onto the deep questions now!

Day 31: Have you become what you wanted to be as a kid?   Not entirely (Harriet the Spy, apparently was not a proper job.  I was 'too noisy' to be a librarian, and my accent was too 'Essex' to be a speech therapist*!  shocking advise from the 'career adviser' on the last two! lol)
* I'd like to point out that my accent is NOT overly Essex - my t's and h's are in all the right places! thank you very much. #justsayin' and I don't sound like an extra from TOWIE (I hope!)

Finally here is the cover of the book - I love love love the oversized numbers embossed in copper - they look great against the Midnight Fresco Finish painted cover.

One month done... eleven to go!

Thanks for stopping by.


2 February 2017

Craft Stamper, March 2017 edition...

... will be in shops shortly, and am really pleased to have a project in there

.. as always its a great issue with lots of lovely colourful projects - a great antidote for these grey days we're having at the moment...

Get yourself a copy - you won't be disappointed :o)  (or if you don't fancy going out in this nasty weather why not subscribe!)

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