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16 October 2017

#365Challenge.... July!

I know I shouldn't have 'favourites' in this 365Challenge but I really like July's book.... its one of the books where I planned it beforehand:
*  I sat and stamped all the date tags (front and back because I didn't know which way they would lay so both sides needed to be printed).
*  I laid out the pages so they ran in order:  a 'signature' of kraft,+blue+white+blue+kraft; followed by a 'signature' of white+kraft+blue+kraft+white and these repeated until the month was filled... 
*  printed out the questions ready for answering (or not as the case may be! lol)

these little things help give the process focus and almost helped me finish quicker... 
(nb sometimes I write the answer on the back of the page.. a sort of 'note to self' )

The stamps I've used this month for date numbers are 'Lizziebelle' from Purple Onion Designs. They have all sorts of interesting alphabets.

(question: what can you live without?)

(aaaah, Mr Garton!  He taught us well and made us laugh at the same time... great teacher! )

Sometimes when I'm editing and adding the photos of pages I have to go back and see what the question was to the answer given on the page... 27 July was one such page! lol  The question was 'Do you hold onto something you should have let go of a long time ago?' ... I obviously couldn't think of something specific but this phrase I'd cut from a book seemed a great response! lol

One of the things I like most about these book is that they don't close - and bits stick out of the edges of the pages, artfully scruffy....

Woohoo!! I am past the halfway mark!!  (doing a happy dance!!)

153 days to go!!   (does it seem less if I say 5 months?!)


9 October 2017

#365Challenge.... June!

JUNE's #365Challenge book is the same size as May's but the pages are landscape.  I completed most of this book as 'catch-up' while in hospital in early August connected up for drug infusion (2nd/final part of my MS treatment) ... I thought if I can create a mini book sitting in the front seat of the car then I can create mini journal pages sitting in a chair at the hospital!.. I had slightly more space at the hospital: a side table and my lunch tray came in very useful...

I think the key to working in small space is to choose your equipment wisely - think small and necessary...  I knew I would want to cut shapes but wasn't going to have a lot of space (in my suitcase or on my 'worktable') so instead of punches I packed geometry stencils - lots of different sizes than can be drawn round and cut out. Flat and lightweight - whats not to love about those!! Old school is best sometimes.
I really enjoyed working on this size - it creates a cute dinky little book!  But if anyone tells you that working on a small substrate, on small pages, is easy - they're fibbing! lol It comes with its own set of 'difficulties' or 'challenges'..

The other main difference with this month's book and previous months' is that I'm now printing out the questions and adding them to the page (on the front or back) - why I didn't think of this before I do not know! (makes life a lot easier!!)

I'd like to speak all languages. If I had to choose a 'super hero skill' - forget flying or being invisible - I'd want the ability to speak any language! How fantastic would that be - to be able to communicate with everyone!

A little bit of doodling does you good! Here I was using up scraps and doodling to create hillside (or maybe a little foliage planet!)

I created the pages while in hospital and added extras when I was back at home - such as all the sewing and photographs.
I really enjoy creating pages that are made up of 'bits and pieces' while still keeping a 'less is more' feel to the page - however small the page!

Six months done and dusted....

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