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28 December 2009

What the heck?!?!?

I've been getting some strange comments recently posted to this blog and another, and so I've changed the comment access - hopefully this will deter any further strangeness!  :o) 
I don't like/want to stop anyone posting here but sometimes steps have to be taken - sad but true.


...and breeeeaaathe...

its all over for another year... the turkey's been eaten, crackers pulled, presents unwrapped ...... all done and dusted  - hope yours was good.

roll on 2010!

19 December 2009

more christmas cards...

These are using the Magenta stamps again - I really like these stamps sets - I think they're really easy for people to use and are versatile..... lots of co-ordinating images in the one pack.

18 December 2009

ooh Baby its cold outside.....

look how pretty our garden is with the new snow!  I like how snow makes everything so quiet - everything is muffled. (I particularly like the tree on the right where the snow has settled on the tops of the branches.....)

17 December 2009

Craft Stamper Sharpie Blog Candy Giveaway

Over on the Craft Stamper blog there's a giveaway of Sharpie pens - love these: great colours for using on acetate and peel-offs... take a look (and enter, obviously) here:


got to be in it to win it - good luck

16 December 2009

15 December 2009

cuttlebug quick'n'easy

I was asked to make a batch of cards some of which to be clean, simple, no message - so here's what I created - gotta love those Nestabilities snowflake dies!  Also, I really like creating the card base using the big nestabilities scallop squares - and the rectangles.... and the Labels -  love Nestabilities full stop! lol  Not particularly cheap - but worth every penny!


14 December 2009

Magenta christmas

Today's cards have been created using a pack of stamps by Magenta (CI may have some in stock if you're quick - last few available(?)).
I really like these stamps because they appeal to my neat'n'tidy/ just-so side (yes, M I do have one of those!) - this is the stamp pack and each of the squares is seperate stamp - cut by the company and so all line up perfectly (makes me happy - when something is meant to tile it has to be straight - and these give really nice straight lines - I'm all for things be placed a bit wonky as long as its meant to be wonky but when it's meant to be straight it has to be straight if you get my drift (nothing worse than something being a bit off...) any hoo back to the stamps and cards..

loads of possibilities with these stamps - and here are a couple - I'll show more tomorrow (I'd show you another but I left it pinned to the classroom board at the shop! oops)


13 December 2009

stuck in traffic

Sometimes being stuck in traffic has its advantages.  This is a sunset over land on the A13 going into Hadleigh - the photo doesn't look very nice:

but once I'd cropped it (got rid of the bus shelter, the car's sunviser and a bit of the dashboard!) - not too bad (even if I do say so myself)

here's another a bit further down the queue of traffic... (well you've got to keep yourself occupied somehow.... and why waste a photo opportunity!)


Ooooh Christmas tree......

This year I decided that I wouldn't put the christmas tree up (shush now with the 'bah humbugs', and the 'oooh you've got to put the christmas tree up!')(or is that just the voice in my head saying this...) reasons being:
1. BIG christmas tree & decorations stored towards the back of a VERY full loft and M isn't here to assist.
2. over christmas we will be clearing the flat in preparation for getting it on the market to sell. so less decorations =  less to clear and sort....
3. We'll be out and about, backwards and forwards, visiting relatives over christmas
4. Small cat who thinks christmas trees are chew toys! (that'll be Bertie.  Lola learned the hard way last year that she probably shouldn't have chewed the lights wires! - lights flickered and she shot out from behind the sofa where they're plugged in!)

any hoo I gave in (mainly because the decorations at B&Q were too cute to resist, and 1/2 price last week!!) and so here is our tree:

I may have over estimated how big a 3ft tree actually is! lol I have some other decorations but they were too big, and poor little tree doesn't have lights - couldn't get a length short enough with clear wires (bought a 40 bulb length but I don't think you would've been able to see the tree for the lights if I'd put that on! rofl).  Its small - but i like it! (but it doesn't look as pretty without lights....)
I don't think the pressies are going under it though, do you?

More class cards - this time a PaperMania set - Joyeaux Noel.


12 December 2009

Oops - almost fell off the posting wagon again...

.... I was distracted by Strictly Come Dancing and XFactor! lol  sad but true!

These are more cards designed for classes at Card Inspirations - they may still have a few packs of these Inkadinkado (clear) stamps for sale in the shop  - the images are so interesting and detailed.

I really like this reindeer card, the stepped shape is really easy to create yet really effective.

Thanks for popping by - more tomorrow.....

11 December 2009

Cuttlebug christmas....

I'm on a bit of a roll so here are some more cards.....
I love my cuttlebug (nice new one after a slight mishap with my first one) and these are a couple of the cards I designed for Cuttlebug classes at Card Inspirations.  The machine can give you such great results - how can you not love it! lol - I'm teaching more Cuttlebug classes at CI in the new year - check the site for details or to request a copy of the brochure.

The card below is a bit of a favourite of mine - and deceptively simple to make, and really versatile.  I really like this card - its so cute! lol (even if I say so myself!)


The best laid plans....

It seemed like such a simple idea: post up a card a day until last the last Royal Mail posting day... well I fell right off that wagon didn't I! roflmao...*
(*in my defense (such as it is) - some unexpected things came up that I had to do but that aren't really postable/ postworthy)

So, I've got a bit of catching up to do - let start now, I worked out I need to post about 13 cards to catch up..... so here goes - first batch - more tomorrow.......
Here are cards that I designed for a class at Card Inspirations (new brochure out v soon (if not already) and enrolment day for 2010 classes is on the 8th Jan).  Class was using stencils - love the different effects you can get with 1 stencil.  l to r: with Perfect Pearls, with chalks and plain embossing, with sprayed inks on a cuttlebug'd card base.


8 December 2009

Where is it?

I want to know where the time has gone.   Someone/something has taken vital hours out of my day and I want them back - they are important and I need them.  Seriously - where are they?  There used to be enough time in the day but now there doesn't seem to be - not at all.

If you find those hours please send to me - I'll give them a good home, treat them nicely and make good use out of them!


edit 09.12.09 - while you are looking for the time please could you also keep an eye out for the remote control for the tv in my bedroom?! ta muchly

edit again 09.12.09 - OK, call off the search for the remote control (it was under the bed!) but the time is still missing/ in short supply ....
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