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25 August 2007

Isn't that just typical?!!

I lost my bone creaser about 2 months ago.... (a proper made-from-bone bone folder, not a plastic one) and so when I went up to London yesterday for my MOT I went to Faulkner Fine Papers in Southampton Row (mmmmnnn nice shop!) and bought a new one (from the shop I bought the first one!)... I resisted the Teflon one.. at £12.00 for a small one it was quite easy to resist! :o) but hey a bone bone folder is what I wanted so thats what I bought.
And do you know what Matt found today when he went into the boot (no, the spare wheel compartment) of my car... yes everyone wins a prize! he found my original bone folder!!!!!!!!!!!
aaaaarrrrghhhhh! I'm really pleased its been found but couldn't it have been found a couple of days (months?) ago when I was looking for the bloomin' thing.. and not the day after I'd bought a new one!! lol
I didn't realise how much I used the bone folder/creaser until I lost it! (and hey, now I have 2 - you can never have too many!......)

And while I was in London I went to Blade Rubber as this shop is just around the corner from the hospital - I like to go in there as a treat for having been to the hospital (oh please - like I need an excuse to go into a craft shop!)... aaanyway they had a stand of books and magazines for sale. And there it was - Somerset Wedding 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! With my front cover!! Ive never seen the publication on a rack, in a shop, for sale!!!!!!!!! So of course I had to take a photo!!!!!!

I can't help it - it still makes me smile when I see the cover in print or somewhere unexpected. (I'll get over it ... eventually!)
Also Cath at Katy's Corner sent me the Stampington's Artful Blogger publication that I'd ordered(Thanks Cath!). I was going to take it away with me but I think its best not to as I'll just want to sit in front of a computer and check out all the great blogs that are featured instead of relaxing in the sun! So its going to have to stay at home - there were just too many great sites in it to resist!!
Lots going on so I'm having a short break from the blogging. Back soon.

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  1. I can't remember how I came about finding your blog, but so glad I did, great inspiration, and further exploring for me to do. I hope it will be okay for me to add you to my blog?


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