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9 October 2007

Eye Candy & Inspiration.....

... comes from everywhere:

Bag of sweets:

These are the fruit version of licourice allsorts. When I first saw these I thought the concept was just wrong - completely - because Licourice Allsorts are perfect as they are (except for the little blue Bertie that comes in every packet - gross - but that's a whole other debate!) so I bought them just to see what they were like..... this picture is of the second packet! M and I ate the sweets before I got a chance to photograph them! Speaks for itself really.... very tasty.. and SOOOOO PRETTY! Look at the pretty colours.....

Latest win from Ebay.. I bought it to use the number boards in ..erm.. well, erm something at some point.. but look at it! Its so lovely - how can I split it all up! I'm going to have to scan the boards and use it that way (the game set is quite old, has been well used and loved and now it would seem disrespectful in someway to take it apart!.... I might use the number disks in someway to start and take it from there...)

A metal shoe in Hobbycraft - really liked this but didn't buy it because I still have 3 wire handbags under the desk waiting to be dressed/altered so until I've done something with those I'm not buying any other wire forms (but a girl really should have shoes to match her handbags shouldn't she?!)


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