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24 November 2007

too cold to be creative!!!

I went to the studio today to get in a whole day of creativity..... it was sooooooooooooooooooooooo cold in there I lost feeling in my fingers!!!!! lol ... tshirt, fleece top (with the hood up), scarf, and as a last resort my new (yummy) lime green quilted gillet (I didn't want to put it on 'cos I didn't want to get it dirty but it was soooo cold I had to) and I was STILL cold (fingers and toes!)... so I gave up and came home! The studio electric heater seems to have died- may it RIP. M has been and bought a new heater for the studio and its very cute and very reliable but will only heat one area at a time so I think we may need a big bad-ass heater!!
But please don't think the studio is totally without comfort - we have heating... we just have to remember to turn it on (and off) (its a cost thing)!! But believe me, its now on! so now when we go in tomorrow it'll be lovely and toasty!
(but just in case I'm putting on a few extra layers! lol and I may go and invest in some, currently very trendy, fingerless gloves/arm warmers!!)

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