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10 February 2009

a bit of this and that...

As my blog header says 'a little bit of this, a little bit of that...' and thats what I feel I've been doing for the past few weeks!
I'd really like to get back into the studio (rather than work a bit from home and a bit from the studio) but is so bloody cold I just can't! I'm a wuss and I like to be warm! lol

So since I last blogged:
I've enrolled on a machine embroidery refresher course. I love using my sewing machine - I just wish I had the space to have it out all the time - if I could then I would use it more. Love sewing on paper and felt (and fabric of course)
... and a course on learning to crochet - this could be quite an addictive hobby - suprisingly relaxing (but that may be because nothings gone wrong yet! lol)

I've probably said this before but I really like sewing, working with fabric - it slightly more forgiving than paper(?) and to sit and sew is really relaxing - for me its a bit back to roots as I sewed before I got hooked by paper and stamping. Now I like to combine them all!

So with that said here are a couple of very simple little fabric books* that I've rustled up in the last couple of days - They're to hold my sewing needles because I've lost the wooden one that my Dad turned for me. I can't find it anywhere. Humph! I've also got a great needle book that I bought from the Etsy shop BigFish but I needed another (and the BigFish one is too cute to use too much!)

(* little pink book measures around 3 x 2.5 inches)

The book on left is just a quick play item I created just to see if I could (I think its going to be another book where I just do little trails in) - I'd received my new Banana Frog stamps and HAD to use them on something asap and as fabric has my attention at the moment I used them in the book. These are the new 'its all about.... circles' stamps. I'll use them more at a later date but as soon as I saw them I knew they cried out for embellishments to be added to the circles. NICE!!
The other little book is using felt with a piece of lush mini pom-pom braiding that I've just bought - how cute is that!!! and a lovely little crochet flower (again from Etsy!) (hopefully I'll be able to make those 'soon') and a little bit of one of my favourite fabrics - Ikea's Paisley. Such a shame they stopped making that design. And how fab are those flower head pins! They're flat so are great for using with machine embroidery.
Too much loveliness! I think this is why I'm doing a little bit of this and that - its because I've got too much stuff to choose from at the moment - I just don't know where to start! lol

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  1. Anonymous11:11 am

    Oooh that is very cute! I love all that flet and pompom-age!

    Happy shopping when you get the chance Jo, for the sake of my shelving I think I need to take a break from it! LOL


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