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17 June 2009

Did you think I'd disappeared?!

No I was just swamped by exhibition pieces! I must have hung around 1200 pieces over the run of the 5 exhibitions I've been responsible for over the last 8 weeks!

....and: Breeeeattthe!

So, aaaaanyhoo - over at Banana Frog it was my day yesterday so here's a sneak peek of my project of the day. for more info head on over to the Banana Frog blog.

So now I'm off work for the summer I'm going to hopefully get some serious arts and crafting done.

And while we're catching up... can I introduce you to the latest addition to our 'family' - this is Bertie (sitting quietly for once! with the now not-so-little Miss Lola). He is into EVERYTHING - much more inquisitive than Lola ever was and he has no concept as to how little he is! and he is very small - little bonsai cat! Hopefully he'll grow into those ears, and I'm loving the everso-slightly naffed off look on Lola's face in this photo! lol



  1. Awwwwww....sooooo cute!
    Love the folded pages on the book too.

  2. Anonymous3:15 pm

    Aaaaar Jo - beautiful cats - they looked so well behaved here!!! Aaaaar I want a new cat - but worry about getting a dodgey one with a bad temperament (sp) - what with the new baby and Oscar loving to pull on cats tails!!! But yours both look beautiful!!

    Love Lisa (Shoreson) xxxxxx


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