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20 June 2012

A bit of flower inspiration..

... its only since we have moved that I've realised how few flowers there were where we previously lived - not many flowers in front gardens - in the gardens around us now there are lots of beautiful flowers (due to well established gardens) - I find them really inspiring - colours and the flower shapes themselves.

Lupins in a neighbours garden - beautiful colours!! Love how they fade from pink to orange, with a touch of paler colours. Definitely having some of these in our garden.
 This plant was in our garden - I have no idea what it is but love the seed heads with their wispy tops.
LOVE these roses - from our new garden - big old fashioned blousy roses - I especially like how the centre opens in what seems to be multiple swirls when they come in to full bloom.  Gorgeous.


  1. Nice to have lots of plants in the garden, the unknown is a geranium(cranesbill) if you cut the seed heads down it will flower again.love francesca

  2. Francesca has it right, they are a geranium, I have them in my garden. They flower forever if you keep removing the seeds. Gorgeous roses.
    Caz x

  3. Yes, I have the perrennial geraniums in my garden - in fact, they have taken over!!!!! Some of them flower continuously, others need to be cut back to encourage new flowers. A particular favourite of mine is "Splish Splash" which is a gorgeous white with purple splashes on the petals!! Glad you are enjoying your new home Jo - Lovely roses too xx

  4. Beautiful flowers. I love how inspiring flowers are. Been looking for a nice yellow Rose bush to add to our garden. No luck yet though. love that Blousey rose. Thanks for sharing and have a great day. Angela


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