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26 May 2014

What weekends are made for...

... an evening with friends - one of those evenings where you laugh so much your stomach muscles ache, your throat hurts and in the end you have no make-up left on because you've cried with laughter..
We started off at the Blackfriar pub - I've always wanted to go in here to see the interior - & it didn't disappoint - I wish I could've taken photos. I hadn't noticed until I looked at this photo how all the building around it have gone... but its still standing! Fantastic.
I hadn't seen several of the friends in a long time - too long - missed them - great evening.

... a fun day teaching a workshop - at Its Crafting Time - where between us we built a terrace of houses - Balamory has nothing compared to these lovely JOFY houses:

... a day in the garden - tidying up, buying and planting new plants - LOVE lupins - mini towers of colour... this is my current favourite part of the garden:

... time spent with Family - nephews birthday - I made a card for him - boys/mens cards are hard aren't they? (or is that just me!) (must challenge myself) - this one was created thanks in part to the PaperArtsy brayer masterboard video that was on the blog earlier this month.

... all that, and there's still today!  Gotta love a Bank Holiday weekend!

Hope yours is good...



  1. Lovely projects and pix ... will we be seeing LUPINS as a JOFY image sometime soon?


  2. Sounds like you've had a great time so far!! The row of houses looks fabulous!

  3. Love it when a weekend comes together...

    Laughter, crafting, gardening and Family, a fantastic combination of events creating wonderful memories:-) xxx

  4. I've done the washing/ironing , cleaned some garden pots - should have done last year!- and weeded our ditch! All work work busy busy! Glad I'm retired! Love your houses!! Want one!

    1. I'll talk to Janet - see what we can do! :o)

    2. Please, pretty please!!

  5. Oh, and cat caught a mole! Brought it home over the fence but it then escaped!! T


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