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13 June 2017

Thank you Mother Nature

When things seem a bit gloomy you can always rely on Mother Nature to bring something that will lift the spirits..

Look at those colours!! aren't they beautiful - dark rich pink on the outside and peachy orange on the inside - fabulous!!

I like pink flowers - we have peonies (had peonies - last week's wind battered a lot of the blooms) I love the big multi-petaled flowers 
 and these that have 2 colours on the flower - I just wish they'd last longer!

Here's one of the few not pink plants in the garden - I think this clematis is fabulous and I'm really proud of how strong and resilient it is because its sharing the gates with a VERY boisterous honeysuckle plant - grows like a thing possessed! lol

Please don't let this blog post give you the idea that I'm a master gardener or anything.. far from it! I'm really not! but I'm trying :o)  
I'm waiting for the agapanthus to flower later in the year (some are flowering later than usual) - really looking forward to those...

I hope these flowers have brightened your day - I know they brighten mine.


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  1. Yes it has brought a smile to my face. What amazing colours. I too this morning have just cut back some of my peonies as they where battered by the rain. Mine are deep red and stunning too. I don't recognise the first flower but isn't it stunning with the two vibrant colours? The rain is on the way again up here in Scotland so will have to stay in and craft!!! x


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