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4 September 2018

#30daysoflists September

#30daysoflists is an Instagram project that happens twice a year, and because I'm partial to making a list or two (I always have a to-do list on the go!) I thought I'd join in.

I find that I'm more likely to finish a project if I've done all the preparation before hand, set it up  - so I made myself a book with pages ready to fill in each day.

Its quite a simple book of pages 6x4inches in size and bound with book rings...

... and the pages are laid out so their colours flow into each other through the book...
(can we just pause here for a moment to appreciate the loveliness of those pages - the pattern and colour...)

OK, moving on... On signing up to the project you're provided with a list prompts that can be printed out and used however you want... I printed them out and then covered the logo with with papers that coordinated with the main pages... (yes, I may have started to overthink things - but bear with me...)...

The project is about answering the list prompt but each day & I wanted to limit how much time I spent on filling the lists in so I stamped 30 of these cards (yay for stamping platforms!!) to attach to a page each day.... limiting myself to 5 or pushing myself to 5, depending on the question...

Yes, this was quite a lot of preparation for a project - but I know that by doing this I can now just pick the book up and fill it in each day.

Oh, did I forget to mention that I'm going to customise each page by adding die-cut elements, mini bits of 'stuff' and sewing... and I also decided that each page needed a tab showing the day (of the week) and date...

Not such a quick project after all lol but its one I'm really looking forward to. I like taking part in this kind of project because:
1. Its uses up the paper stash! (the seemingly never decreasing stash!)
2. Its a quick creative mini project every day - gets the creative gears going.
3. No pressure.
4. No right or wrong - it can be whatever I want it to be.
5. I like making mini books! - I enjoy making the book as much as filling it in!
(ooh look! a list!)

Its mainly an Instagram/Facebook project but each Saturday I'll do a round-up of the pages here on my blog.

I'm up to date with the lists but I'll just show you the first one for now...

If you fancy joining in, you're not too late - go to instagram and search #30daysoflist and you'll find the information.

There are lots of prompts each month on Instagram for all sorts of challenges - take a look.


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