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1 January 2021

Happy New Year!!


Well hello!  

Its been a while... almost 6 months...  

In that time so much has been going on in the world hasn't it - I hope you are all doing ok.

I, like a lot of people, has had to adapt to these new circumstances - find new ways of connecting with people... new ways of teaching my classes etc etc etc. 
So I started offering my classes online (as many tutors have) through Facebook - its a fun way to teach but takes some getting used to - standing in my workroom/studio talking to myself/ the camera...  but I'm glad I offered these workshops - it connected me to some lovely people, gave me purpose and I hope it inspired people.

My plan for 2021 is to spend more time on my blog - its nice to write something more substantial than short texts that accompanying photos on Instagram....  aaah Instagram - I do love it but it is a time vortex!! ....very easy (too easy) to get sucked in!  In a good way, obviously!

aaaanyhoo - I'm going to start slowly getting back to writing my blog - I'm aiming for once a week to start with and see how that goes - its all about building a habit isn't it - good habit.

Thanks for stopping by, and all best wishes for the coming year.



  1. Nice to see you back

  2. Anonymous6:50 pm

    Happy New Year look forward to reading your blog again 😃


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