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ACP Week 2, part 2: can you ever have too much bunting?!

NO, you can never have too much bunting! & bunting doesn't have to be mean lines of triangular pennants:

This is a trial bunting line I've just made for a shop valentine window display - oh yes: christmas is over & Valentine's Day is just around the corner..... just saying! lol (next it'll be Easter!)(I'd lay money on some of the supermarkets having easter produce in already!)
The bunting needed to be a big'n'bold(ish) as it will be seen from a distance - so no fine detail - but I couldn't resist some book text!... but it still looks dainty doesn't it - I think this is because the hearts are hanging at different points on the shape, the colours & the spacing... (if all the hearts had be sewn across the tops it would look too regimented, don't you think?)
All sewn onto string for hanging..  not only does this bunting make me happy but it makes me come over all romantic!  :o)

Today I deviated from the grey theme (I was multitasking)(unless we count the book text as dark grey?) - back to the strict(ish) plan tomorrow when grey will be back with a different accompanying colour and theme.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.



  1. I think it looks just fab! Those hearts are lovely and make great bunting.
    I bought some hot cross buns the other day, so you're not wrong about Easter!!

  2. Thought of u today as I finished a Valentine card for a local shop in muted tones of grey, not a colour I would normally choose but it really works, thanks. I'm sure at some point I'll get in on my blog. I'm on no 9 of 10

    Happy craftin


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