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4 January 2012

My BIG Blog Project

I decided that this year I'd be a bit more proactive with my blog - a bit more organised about how I blog - no more of this 'I can't believe its been soooo long since I last blogged' nonsense.

I have set myself a 'project'... something that will challenge, inspire & prompt me to:
a. blog on a regular basis
b. create something on a regular basis
c. attack and use the mountain of stash that is in my workroom! (oh yes, the stash pile has been upgraded to 'mountain')

So after lots of thinking and planning (trying to keep it SMART: specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely)...
I have settled on using the alphabet to prompt a theme every week; find something to do with crafting for every letter of the alphabet - all 26 of them (no skipping X & Y & Z!) which ties in very nicely with the 52 weeks of the year! (love it when things like that happen!) -the alphabet will be repeated twice in the year. 
Also, each month will be allocated a colour that will predominant through the month while working with all the prompts of the alphabet!
Not making this easy for myself am I! lol
(& you are all following this aren't you... lol)

And so is born the Alphabet & Colour Project (ACP) - not the snappiest of titles I know but it does what it says on the tin!

The plan is each month I will create a moodboard of the chosen colour (I love making moodboards! lol), and then (Sesame Street stylee):
January will be brought to you by the colour GREY and by the letters A, B, C, D
February will be brought to you by the colour RED and by the letters E, F, G, H
etc etc etc
Posting approximately 2-3 projects a week - some big, some small....
Simples! I'm really excited - can't wait to get going!

Now I've shared this plan with you all I have to stick with it don't I - lol - I'm excited - come hell, high water or (hopefully) moving house I will do my best to complete the project!

Wish me luck! lol
and if I inspire anyone along the way (which I hope I do) thats a Brucie Bonus! :o)


  1. Way to go! Now you've told us, you HAVE to stick to it.. Ready, steady, GO!!

  2. Once a week - awesome....but every other day!!! Blimey, that's a high goal to set...... #totesamazed

  3. Sounds fun Jo - looking forward to sharing the journey with you! Jo x

  4. Cor blimey Guv! Me & my crafty friend Sue last year just tried to get together once a month to make Christmas cards so I wouldn't be stressed in December, tho k we managed it twice so BEST OF LUCK I might just have follow this sounds a great ideas actually.

    Happy craftin

  5. Anonymous2:01 pm

    Impressed ! Now looking forward to being inspired. Get going then...it's the 4th already....

  6. Sounds good - looking forward to seeing your projects

  7. sounds interesting....look forward to seeing your creations!

  8. Looking forward to getting loads of inspiration and maybe reducing my own stash mountain in the process.

  9. I like your thinking, love the grey and good luck with your projects, I shall look forward to be inspired
    Sheelagh T xx

  10. Genius concept Jo. Dont't want to add to the pressure of making you stick to your goal or anything but you do know that we are all going to check back on a regular basis to make sure you stick to it as some of us have a bit more time on their hands now for blogland!!!.

    Can't wait to see what you do, whatever it is, I know it will be gorgeous, your projects always are.

    Lin x


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