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Prepping for classes!

I have a workroom at home where all my creative 'stuff' can be shut away from the rest of the home and I can be as messy as I like (which is good as I live with a very neat person! lol)(and the cats can't get to all the bits and pieces that cats would find interesting... )
My one of the presents my lovely hubby bought me for christmas was a TV for the workroom - I'd explained to him I would get more done if I had TV in the room as I wouldn't need to stop work to watch a fave tv programme.... & so far its worked - I'm on a roll baby!! lol  The tv also has freeview so I can listen to the radio when I work which I haven't been able to do recently as the reception here is more than a little bit rubbish! and its got a dvd player so I can watch MGM musicals to my hearts content while working (& sing/howl along too obviously lol!)  I'm feeling quite spoiled :o)
And seriously: I am getting more work done! Love it.
In the next few months I'll be teaching classes, some of which will feature PaperArtsy's Fresco Finish Paints - LOVE these paints! 
Please come and join me - the more the merrier - dates will be added to the side of the blog in the next few days.
Pictures on this post are of some of the 'playing-with-the-product' samples that are piling up at the side of the desk!
The above photo is of some tags that I was playing with the new translucent paints - love how they change the colour of the base paint, and the image is visible through the paint.

Right I'm off back to the painting table - lots of prep to do - hhhm I think can hear 7bridesfor7brothers calling me....

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  1. I like your projects and the colors you used.


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