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18 December 2007


We spent Saturday having a Christmas-film-fest at the cinema - went in at 5pm watched Fred Claus, came out and went next door for a meal, then went back at 8pm and watched Enchanted!! Phew!
Fred Claus was good (more heartwarming than I thought it would be - both M and myself were a bit teary at the end (though he'll probably deny that!)) ......
but Enchanted was FANTASTIC!!! Best film I've seen for ages. If you're going to see a film over the holiday go see this - it was sooooooo good!! It had a bit it of everything - singing, slapstick comedy, gross-out comedy and some romance and a happy ending - well it is Disney what do you expect: everyone has to live happily ever after! Great film.


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  1. Anonymous12:47 pm

    I had an eyelash in my eye...Mx


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