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10 December 2007

Christmas is coming......

Apparently I was 'a bit' "bah humbug" last year! So this year I'm determined to be much more christmassy! Trying to do something christmas related each day.

We've put up our christmas tree - and very pretty it looks too - even if I do say so myself!
For a few years now I've been saying I'll change any threads on baubles to green - instead of gold or silver so that you only see the bauble not the hanging thread - so thats what I did yesterday while M decorated the rest of the tree.... team work ...... I stood up to admire his hard work and he'd done a nice job (normally decortating the tree is my job and I'm quite protective of it!) and I walked around the tree to get the full affect ...............................

but he'd only decorated the front of the tree!!!!!!!!!!!!!! apparently he didn't see the point in decorating the back of the tree that faced into the bay window as we live on the first floor and no-one would be able to see the decorations!!!!

Needless to say we now have deccy's on the back of the tree!


I've started a mini(ish) book about the lead up to christmas - notes about what I've been up to - trying to keep track of my growing christmassy-ness.

I ordered J a Robert Sabuda pop-up book as one of his christmas gifts. These books are amazing (there are 2 on my christmas list) really great pop-ups generally done in white which makes them really effective - I particulary like the page where the snowman raises his hat! The mechanics of the pages are mind boggling!
While on Amazon ording J's book I ordered a small Sabuda book for myself (it all goes towards building up my christmas spirit!) and the book is sitting in the lounge open - like a christmas ornament.... here's one of my favourite pages:


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