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7 July 2008

got to get creative.....

... and so I have a plan - I've made myself some 'flash cards' of sorts (see left) ... cards that I've put craft related words on, seperated them into categories, and put in envelopes ... so that when I hit a creative brick wall I can pick from the envelopes and work with what comes out - ie pick a base, an embellishment, a technique and hopefully this will reign me in and point me in some kind of direction... I have a lot of 'stuff' to play with when I'm creating and sometimes having too much stuff is harder than not having any!! tooooo many options.

I'll let you know if this system works for me and maybe show the results!
I haven't been able to show these cards until now because the people hadn't received them but now its safe to post: (see, I haven't just been sitting twiddling my thumbs - contrary to popular belief! lol)

Just a quick word on the tennis yesterday! O M G how good was the men's final... I was watching on the computer while working, but after the rain break I went and watched in the lounge (taking work with me) ..... but I had to stop and just watch - and from behind a cushion!! It was just too exciting! I wanted to Federer to win but in the end it was so close either could player could have won and been a justifiable winner. Fantastic!
I'm off to the studio now for the day - taking my flash cards with me!!

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