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18 July 2008

making stuff...

I made these yesterday - REALLY simple, really quick and I was just 'playing' about with bits and pieces... creating from what I had to hand at home. The little bird (on the tag on left) has been blue-tacked to the PC screen for months and he matched perfectly - nice to give him a proper home... see, this is why I don't throw out bits and pieces that are left over!
The tag on the right needs a bit of 'something' but I was just playing - nothing too serious.... and it wasn't a work avoidance technique.. honest! oh no: its 'design development' or 'multi-tasking' (isn't that right Bev?!)
(also if you're struggling with a project I think/find it helps to go away and make something that 'works'... clears the mind! restores order and confidence)

by the way this was all done sitting in the space at the top of our stairs where I'd sat down, just for a minute, to get the CB dies out of the bag - 45 minutes later I was still there happy-as-you-like making stuff!! lol..
I think M was a bit confused when he came home to see me sitting there surrounded by 'stuff' and couldn't really work out why I couldn't just move 3 foot and sit in my workroom!......

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  1. Anonymous4:45 pm

    Well done Jo - actually I like the very simple no frills one, particularly as its on white, its crisp. Played with the cropadile big bite this week, didn't believe them when they said it will cut through fabric.....



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